Hannah's POV

Annabelle hadn't talked to me in three days. She normally came to visit me every day after school, and stayed for lunch on weekends. Something was wrong. She was acting strangely that night she came for dinner and I haven't seen her since.

"Jasper," I said one morning, after a nasty case of morning sickness, "what do you think's wrong with Annabelle?"

"I don't know," his voice called from the kitchen, "do you wanna give her a call?"

"Sure." I stood up and walked to the kitchen. I picked up our phone that hung on the wall and dialed Annabelle's number.

"Hello?" Annabelle answered after the third ring.

"Hi, it's me," I answered. SHe paused for a ong time.

"Hi..." she said warily, "what's up?"

"Do you wanna come over for lunch?"

"Uhhh... maybe."


"Uhhhhm... okay," she agreed finally.

"'Kay, see you around 12:30?"


"See you then," I chirped happily. She hung up.

"Yay!" I cried. I was really happy that I would see her. I was missing her terribly, especially in my state of emotional stability. I leped around and hugged Jasper, who was preparing breakfast for the both of us. He pressed his lips against the top of my head, squeezing my shoulders.

I looked up into his pure blue eyes, and I was lost. His eyes were deep set, and his face had a wonderful solemn look that always made me feel calm. When he smiled, it was the sweetest expression and it always made my heart melt. He was an average weight and height, not too many muscles, which was good. He was sturdy, though, and when he wrapped his arms around me, it felt like I would be safe from anything and everything. His hand absentmindedly roamed to my stomach, stroking the large bulge that showed. His hand moved up and down on my tummy, his head stooping. I could smell his sweet breath before our lips met.

We stood in the kitchen, wrapped around each other like we would never see the other again. My eyes fluttered open, as for the second time that day, the baby kicked. My hand dropped to my stomach, as I smiled. I looked up and saw Jasper staring transfixed at my tummy as well.

He kissed me again, and it was a kiss so passionate that we didn't even break apart when the baby kicked again. I heard him turn off the stove, then I felt his arm reach under my knee, and he scooped me up in a bridal carry, taking me to the couch. We sat there for the longest time, holding each other, our lips moving together in synchronised patterns. I doubted that anybody could love as much as I did now.

My stomach growled. I sighed ruefully.

"I'm hungry," I mumbled against his lips.

"I was dying for you to say that," he laughed, his stomach grumbling, also. He leaned down and placed his lips on mine one last time and walked to the kitchen. I heard him turning on the stove again, and the sound of oil popping.

He brought the blueberry pancakes into the dining room moments later. We ate, laughing with each other and sharing stories and remarks.

After our breakfast, I went into our room to put normal clothes on, because I had been in my pajamas before. I yanked on my favourite shirt but it didn't fit. I pulled out my baggiest t-shirt, and it fit snugly.

I put on the pregnancy pants that my older sister had given to me.

"I need to go shopping this afternoon," I said to Jasper as I walked out of our bedroom.

"What for?"

"Pregnancy clothes," I answered.

"I'll take you, then." He smiled at me, noting that my biggest shirt was suffocating my stomach. His smile turned to a grin.

"What?" I asked, narrowing my eyes.

"It just makes me... happy." He smiled again and walked into the kitchen to make himself a coffee. I swear, I have the cutest boyfriend ever.

A few hours later, our buzzer rang. I started to heft myself off the couch, Jasper put a hand on my knee and stood up instead of me, answering the ring.

I heard Annabelle's voice. Then: "Yeah, sure. Come on up," Jasper said. He unlocked the door for her. He opened the door a couple seconds later.

Annabelle stood awkwardly in the door way. I heard a faint patter, and I realised that she was dripping wet. Her teeth chattered.

"It's quite the storm out there," Annabelle said, taking off her coat with shaking hands.

"Is it?" I asked. I hadn't even heard the noise. She looked at me quickly and her eyes darted away.

We sat down for lunch, and we were pretty quiet.  Jasper resumed his rude signing, causing me to giggle, and Annabelle and I were engaged in some idle chatter. After the meal, Jasper and I went into the kitchen to clean up the dishes.

"Actually, Hannah, can I talk to you?" Annabelle was framed in the doorway to the kitchen. SHe was pale and looked as though she had lost a bit of weight.

"Sure, Anna, anything." Jasper motioned for me to follow her out of the kitchen and signed to me that he would finish up. I pecked him on the lips, and followed Annabelle.

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