Hannah's POV

Tears stung my eyes as I remembered the feeling of losing the person I loved and hated. It was a terrible feeling. You felt like celebrating, because they could hurt you no more. You felt like dying in their place because you still loved them. You felt like screaming in both agony and joy. Your life with them flashes before your eyes as you see their eyes losing focus... fading.

My mother opened her eyes as her heartbeat began to fail. She patted my cheek weakly, her hand quavering as she did so. Her deep blue eyes filled with tears as she saw my 6-months-pregnant stomach, she took a deep breath and said, "I'm sorry." 


Her eyes stared straight into mine. I suddenly jolted as her expression reminded me of when I was in trouble and she had slapped me across the face. I felt the stinging blow even now. Tears spilled out over mine and my mother's face.


"I'm sorry," we said in unison, and her eyes slowly faded to non-awareness as the heart monitor gave a definitive, lasting beep.

As they had the month before, tears spattered across my face. I moaned softly, trying to stifle my noises in the couch pillow. Jasper walked in to the room. My need for him grew as I heard his footsteps. I felt a tug in the pit of my stomach, telling me to reach out to him. I needed him.

"Jasper?" my voice rasped out.

"I'm here, sweetie." His arms wrapped around my body and he lifted me up onto his lap. He nestled me into his knit sweater, his sweet scent filling my head. My tears soaked his sweater, but he didn't seem to care. He cradled me for what seemed like hours as thoughts of my mother's lifeless body swirled in my mind.

Jasper was my everything, now. I couuldn't live without him. My lips found his as he gently lulled me to a calm sense of serenity.

Annabelle's POV

"Shut up, mom."

"Don't you tell your mother to shut up!"

"I'm not fat, okay? I'm just having a little issue!"

"You look pretty fat to me! Lose some weight!"

"Shut the fuck up!" I went storming up the stairs as my mother's face froze in a look of shock.

"Shit," I moaned, as I sank to the floor of my bedroom. I was getting heavier, I was two weeks late, and I still loved a girl. I beat my forehead with my fist.

I was at a party, and I grabbed the first guy I saw and kissed him, hard. We took it to the bedroom and the next thing I knew, I was having sex with a stranger in a room that was neither of ours. Now I was late...

I chewed the inside of my lip as I thought of Hannah... she was so beautiful...

I covered my face with my hands. I needed to talk to her.

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