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Annabelle's POV

 She followed me out of the kitchen after smooching with her boyfriend for a little while more.  We stopped in the baby's nursery. I ground my teeth as I thought of what Jasper did to her.

"What's up?" she asked me. I looked up, and nearly gasped at her beauty. She was glowing today. Her smile was perfectly even, her eyes were perfectly clear. It looked as though her face could serve as a sparkly concealer, even though I knew that she didn't use the stuff.

"Um... okay."


"All right. I have a problem. You know how I'm Catholic?"

"Yeah, of course," her face was etched with concern, her perfect eyebrows knitted over her darkened eyes.

"Well... I think I love y-- someone. A girl." Hannah's features relaxed a bit.

"Well, it isn't anything you can help, is it? Don't beat yourself up. i've always wanted a lesbian friend." If only she knew. If only she could understand.

"No, it's more complicated."

"How? I know it's against your religion, but they can screw off, 'cause you can't help it."

"No... really complicated," I took a deep breath, "I love you."


Hannah's POV

I looked at my friend in concern.

"No, it's more complicated," she said, her eyes not meeting mine. I was confused.

"How? I know it's against your religion, but they can screw off, 'cause you can't help it." I looked at her, waiting for relief to show on her face as I spoke. Instead, she just looked more frustrated.

"No... really complicated," she filled her lungs dramatically before continuing, "I love you."

I was shocked. She loved me? How? I was plain, and people always said I was a bit of a nerd when it came to school... I had friends, but Annabelle was always my best friend. We loved each other as friends. That was surely what she meant, I mean, she couldn't love me THAT way.

"Uhh, thanks, Anna, but--"

She kissed me. Her lips were on mine, and it felt wrong. I grabbed her shoulders and shoved her away.

"Anna!!" I shrieked, unsure of what else to say.

Jasper's head appeared in the doorway as soon as my shriek had pierced the air.

"Is everything okay?" he asked, his face uncertain.

"I don't know," I answered, I was very confused. Why would she-- when did she-- what are we-- a million unfinished questions roamed around in my head. Jasper immediately came to my side defensively, his face set. He snaked his arm around my shoulders and looked at Anna angrily.

"What happened?" he asked Annabelle calmly.

"I-- uh --"

"It was my fault," I said, before I even knew that the words were coming out of my mouth. "I overreacted to some news. It's fine."

Jasper looked back and forth between us.

"Okay." Jasper walked out, looking behind him at us.

"Sorry, Hannah, I--" Annabelle started to speak, but I silenced her with a look.

"I just need some time, Annabelle. Good bye." She looked at me, tears stinging her eyes, but she walked away.

"Bye," she muttered, and left.

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