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sorry it took so long, ive decided to
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bother you that much; you've
requested this like 4 months ago

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Angelica lied awake, stirring a bit
from the slight uncomfortable feeling,
making her catch a bit of Ethan's

She couldn't sleep; she felt very exhausted,
but she somewhat can't bring herself into falling into a deep sleep.

Sure she can sleep, but it only lasts
for a couple minutes until she woke
up again.

"Angel?" Ethan asked in a
low raspy voice.

She blew her brown locks
away from her face, catching his
hazel eyes staring deeply
into hers.

She gave him a sympathetic smile,
showing a bit of her dimples
which Ethan loved.

"Can't sleep?"

"Yeah, I've been trying to for
the last three hours"

Ethan didn't hesitate to offer
making her a cup of tea.

"Want some tea? it might help
you sleep"

"I'd like that a lot" She replied,
getting a hold of his hand and walked

She sat on the couch while he walked
away to prepare two cups of teas.

She thought of turning the tv on and watch a couple shows while waiting for Ethan,
and gladly did so.

But she kept switching channels,
checking if there's anything interesting.

The only thing that was interesting was
when she saw turtles having sex,
but that's it.

Without noticing, Ethan took
a seat beside her and placed the hot
tea on the table, making a little
'click', making her take a glance at him and
look back at the tv.

Ethan leaned back and drank his
cup of tea, eyes focused on the screen.

After switching to different channels,
They didn't find anything interesting to watch and decided to go upstairs,
carrying their now cold forgotten
tea—specifically Angelica's.

The sun was shining and
the slightly bright sky reflected
on the glass windows, making Angelica
look at the window.

The sky was purple, with a tint
of yellow and red, and blue right beside
it. The clouds were quite dark and
the sun was still showing a small
portion of brightness.

Her eyes shone through the
sky in front of them as
she looked on the sun slowly shining.

She let out silent yawn and looked
at Ethan laying beside her, craddling her
body making her lie down with him
and slowly fell asleep.


im honestly so sorry
i forgot and now i feel bad :'(

im sorry again

this is short

now i feel even more bad

ok im annoying sorry


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