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So I've been so uninspired lately and I've tried so many times to update as soon as i can, but they end up either too cringey or too cliche.

I decided to take a break. I'm not gonna discontinue this book, i worked so hard on this just to end up discontinue it, no like hello?

I hope you understand my decision, and don't worry. I'm not gonna take a long ass break, just a little time to find something inspiring and write something about it.

I often have ideas popping up my head, but i don't know if you guys would like it. So yeah....

Let me know what you guys would like to read in the comments, so my imagines would be not cringy and too cliche for you to read.

I'll make sure that I'll like (or even love) the chapter that I'm about to publish before showing it to you guys. (that's also another reason why my imagines are cringey)

So, yeah. I'll not take too long, i promise.

peace out guys i love you and don't forget you're beautiful/handsome!!! <3

(I know this isn't related, but thank you guys for 400 reads!)


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