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A sob escaped your lips as hot
tears slowly fall to your
soft cheeks.

i can't believe he did that
you thought.

You were now soaking wet since you
didn't have an umbrella.

You had to see your boyfriend,
Yand your now ex best friend,
make out in the rain.

As cliche as it sounds...

You can see that it's still raining,
but you can't feel any droplets land
on you.

You look up to see Ethan,
Your best friend.

"Y/n!?what are you doing here!?"
He asked, concerned.

He never really liked your now ex,
he always warn you about him cheating
but you never listened.

You began telling him what happened
as you slowly watch his reaction.

He sat down beside you
and comforted you with
his warm and welcoming hug.

A smile made their way to your
lips and leaned on his chest.

"E-Ethan?"You ask.


"I-I need to t-tell y-you something"
You say, sitting up.

"It's been y-you the whole time"
You said as you release a sigh of relief and smiled.

"y/n-"You cut him off by smashing
both of your lips together.

He immediately kissed back.

Both of your lips moved in sync.

Both of you slowly pull back, smiling.
"y/n i-i never thought you felt the same
way"he smiled.

Your now ex saw you,
anger fuming in his eyes.

"Well, karma's a bitch i guess"
you smiled.

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