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so.. long time no hearing from me i guess. sorry about that lol. anyway, here is the request made by the lovely BobInBangkok!

(hope youll atleast find it at least decent bc i have writers block again)


Sofie went in the cinema, her red heels clicking from the polished floor.

Her outfit was simple—yet effective.
Her red dress went down to her lower
thighs, and hugged her body,
showing every curve that she has;
and adding up that it was an
off-shoulder dress, which she liked.

She couldn't help but feel slightly
confident because of her clothes, and
let out a small smile.

Her eyes catched her boyfriend, Grayson,
with his shirt almost clear,
complimenting his toned chest,
and black jeans that hugged his legs down
to his ankles, which were slightly
and neatly folded.

It was their second anniversary
today, and they were planning
to celebrate it on a night out on the cinema and going on a dinner near the lake afterwards, if there was enough time.

They approached each other and carefully
studied each feature they had.

He couldn't help but chew on his bottom
lip, feeling a bit anxious that he might
do something wrong, and aroused by how his girlfriend is dressed.

while into the movie, both were
unwarned that there were scenes that..
well... should not be watched by children.

Sofie couldn't help but slowly
reach down to her boyfriend's crotch
and give him a little rub, while her eyes
were still in the scene.

He let out a groan, as silent as he could.

He was enjoying the feeling—but the
fact that he is doing it in public just
made him a little insecure.

"Y-you should st-" His sentence was
later on cut off by a
throaty moan.

"Do you want me to?" She asked,
forming a slight curve on her lips.

He nodded, and buried his face in
her shoulder.

"Then i probably should" she said
plainly, removing her hand in his crotch.

He gave her a glare, and
quickly mumbled an "I'll get you later..."

"Oh, i forgot to tell you that i
had my period today"

He let out another frustrated groan,
and earned a laugh from her.


im a pure citizen purity ring
wearing teenager :)

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