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(Since I'm so obsessed with friends,
i decided to make an imagine inspired
by one of the scenarios there, enjoy! :) )


Grayson had his eyes glued to his
phone screen while texting someone
he met online.

Ethan jumped on his bed,
which startled him.

"Who you texting?" He asks.

"Just someone i met online"
Grayson said, eyes
still glued to the screen.

"Ooohhh someone's got a girlfriend"
Ethan teased, making Grayson to
playfully punch him in the arm.

"So tell me about her" Ethan said.

"She's just so so... i can't
explain it. Everytime we text,
i just get this rush of excitement,
you know? She just makes me very
happy and lets me forget the bullshit
that's going on with my life"

"So she really makes you that happy?"

"Yeah" He smiled.

"For all we know, that "she"
could be a 90 year old woman"

"And could be even, not a girl"
He added.

"Hold on, I'm gonna check"
Grayson said and clicked on
the person's profile.

y/n y/l/n

gender: female
age: 26
relationship status: married

Once he read her relationship status,
his heart fell into pieces like
paper ripped into shreds.

"Sh-she's married"
He said, feeling
the harsh ache in his chest.

"Hey, atleast we know she's a girl"
Ethan said, trying to make his
brother feel better.

Grayson's phone rang and
rang as the girl sends him messages.

Y/n💖: Grayson
Y/n💖: Grayson
Y/n💖: What's wrong Grayson?

"I'm pretty sure you know what's
wrong" He said to himself.

Y/n💖: Wanna meet up in a coffee shop downtown so we could talk about it?

Grayson rolled his eyes
as he read the message.

"What did she say?" Ethan asked.

"She said she want to
meet up"

"Are you kidding!?
She might be married, but
you should definitely meet her"
Ethan suggested.

"And this is for like, once in
a lifetime" He added.

"Oh my god, I'm gonna wear
my shoes" He said as
he rushed to wear his shoes.

"Wait, you have to shower
first, you smell gross"

Grayson rushed to the bathroom
as Ethan stops him.

"Wait! you have to text her back first"
Ethan said as Grayson
quickly gets his phone.

"Wait, you should make
a cup of coffee first because
this is too much"


Grayson texts y/n as he
wait for her.

You:Where are u?

Y/n💖: Almost there

He took a huge sigh
and sipped on his cup of

He heard the door opened,
making him to shoot his head up.

His eyes quickly caught y/n's.

"Y/n!" He said,
loud enough for her to hear.

"Oh my god" Y/n said,
complete shock and happiness
rushing through her body.

Grayson walked closer to her and
pulled her in for a kiss.


a/n: thank you guys so much for 600 reads omfg you guys are amazing!

And also, commeng down below what kind of imagines do you want me to make





so yeah, hope everyone's having a good day!:)

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