regarding my long ass hiatus

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So, Hi!

Wow, has this really been long since I've updated? Sorry for that by the way haha.

In the past 7 months (I think?), my writing has slowly evolved and my perspective changed, allowing me to grow more creative with my writing. And looking back at my past works made me wonder, why the hell did I write that?

Although that question's remained unanswered, I've been debating whether I should keep this book up and continue making imagines or just delete this book entirely, what do you think?

I have some things in mind, so continuing this book would be great if you want to read them, though.

Anyway, this book has reached a shit ton of views and what the hell? thank you guys!

My mouth is still agape, I can't believe this amount of people has been reading my shitty work (lol). But not literally, though, because a fly would most likely go inside my mouth which would end up to me choking and possibly dying, and that's not what we would want to look forward to, right?

I started out without expecting for people to read this book, and now, I'm still quite overwhelmed to be completely honest. It feels quite surreal.

Also a quick note, if I'd continue this and you make a request, it would take a long time to be finished because I rarely find inspiration to write, haha.

Anyway, if you're still here after all this time, thank you. Although if I were in your situation I'll most likely forget about this book's existence.

Okay, enough with my rambling. I'm gonna end this note right here so um, this is farewell for now I guess.


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