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I kinda wanna do a face reveal but
i don't wanna scare you guys.


You were in line to buy tickets
for Ethan and Grayson's show with
your best friend,

"What if the tickets sell out?" You ask.

"Positive thoughts only, y/n"
your best friend retarted.

It was your turn in line, but a man
interrupted you.

"Sorry, the tickets are sold out!"

A lot of people whined, including
your best friend.

All of the people got out of
the room, except for both of you.

"I guess we're not gonna go to
their show" You look down.

You started to walk away,
but y/bf/n stopped you by holding
your wrist.

Or that's who you think it is.

"Wha-" Your eyes landed to

"y/n! haven't seen you in a long time.
how are you?" Grayson smiled.

"I'm doing well" you lie.

"What about you?" you ask.

"Just going on with our show.
We're so happy to see our
fans in person, it's crazy"

"Yeah, i remember you guys
dreaming about this.
And look, it came true!" You

y/bf/n looked at both of you wide-eyed.

"Oh, so this is y/bf/n. She's hella
obsessed with you guys"

y/bf/n walked closer to you
and whispered,

"I didn't know you knew them"

You looked at Grayson.

"Where's Ethan?" You ask.

"Probably taking a shit"

"As usual" You laugh.

You look beside you to see
y/bf/n gone.

Your eyes started to wander until
your eyes landed on y/bf/n
talking to Ethan.

"I guess they're doing
their own thing"

Grayson pulled you close and kissed you.


kinda cringe but okay.

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