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(inspired by a picture i saw online)

You and your bestfriend Ethan decided to go to your favorite restaurant. Both of you noticed that some couples propose there, and then they receive some free dessert, which is totally unfair to both of you.

Both of you decided to make a plan where Ethan "proposes" to you, to have free dessert.

"This is gonna be fun"You smirk.

Both of you sat on the chairs.


After you finished your meals, Ethan kneeled down to "propose". Everyone gasped, including you.

"Will you marry me?"

You covered your mouth, and letting few of the tears slip. You nod. Ethan slipped the ring in your finger, hugging you. Everyone clapped.

You tried to keep the laughter in, but few of the giggles escaped. But only Ethan could hear it.

"Congratulations!"The waiter said, placing two slices of cake in your table.

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