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holland's pov;

after jack finally came home, we watched a couple movies and cuddled on the couch. he was extremely affectionate, which was weird. i didn't mind it though, i liked it actually.

now we're in the kitchen making dinner(and by dinner i mean mac and cheese and whatever leftover bacon there was),more like i'm making dinner and he's constantly distracting or interrupting me by doing cute or silly things.

as i'm stirring the macaroni, i get hit in the face with a cheerio and i immediately turn to scowl at jack, who was pretending like he didn't know what happened. "jack..." i start, slowly turning around.

"what?" he smirks.

"did you happen to throw a cheerio in my direction?" i inquire.

"no, no i don't believe i did." he plays along, so clearly lying through his perfect teeth.

"hmm," i tap my chin, curiously. "well, there's no one else here, and there is a cheerio box right next to you." i point out, smirking.

"have you ever thought that you were imagining the cheerio?" he offers, leaning over the counter.

i scoff and bend down to pick up the cheerio. i hold it up and show it to him, "you mean this cheerio?"

he furrows his brows, "what cheerio?" he looks around everywhere except where i'm holding the cheerio.

"oh my god, jackkkk!" i whine.

"what? i don't see a cheerio. maybe you're seeing things." he bites his lip to hide his smile.

"oh i'm seeing things? well, here you go, fucker," i remark, taking a handful of cheerios out of the box and throwing them at him, "maybe you're seeing things too."

he jaw drops to the floor, "oh you are gonna get it for that!" he exclaims, getting up from his chair.

"for what?" i act clueless, playing his game. he scowls at me playfully, before running around the counter towards me. "no!" i yell, running away from him into the living room.

"come here, hol!" he chases me around the couch in circles, because i didn't have the energy to run all the way upstairs. plus, i kinda wanted to get caught. it wasn't long before i felt his two arms wrap around my waist. "i got ya!" he throws me over his shoulder and starts to walk upstairs.

i start to playfully pound his back, "what are you doing? where are you taking me?"

he doesn't answer, but pushes through his bedroom door and throws me on his bed, earning a squeal from me. "so recent events have enlightened me to the fact that you don't like being tickled." he says, referring to what happened with nate.

"no, jack! don't!" i plead, scooting as far away from
him as i could as he approaches the bed. he smirks mischievously and quickly grabs ahold of my ankles pulls me down the bed. he climbs on top of me and hovers over me. our faces were inches apart and we were both breathing heavily. after about a minute or so of just staring, jack quickly dips down and connects our lips. i immediately move my arms around his neck, and my hands in his hair. we moved our lips in sync and he grabs me by the waist and pulls me closer.

the kiss got heated quickly and he slipped his tongue in my mouth. our tongues fought for dominance. not long after, jack started to tug on my shirt which i happily took off for him. i was left in my bra so i decided to make it fair and slips jacks shirt off as well. my hands started to explore his toned abdomen, not breaking the kiss.

everything was interrupted when my phone started ringing. we both groaned, "ignore it," jack mumbled against my lips. i was going to but the continuous ringing brought out curiosity in who could be calling.

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