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holland's pov;

"fucking stop nathan!" i yelled throwing the spatula at him from across the counter. he kept poking me in the sides which i fucking hated.

"fuck! ow!" he winces when the spatula hits him in head, which makes me and all the guys burst out into laughter. "oh you are so gonna get it, bitch!" he smiles evilly and starts chasing me around jack's living room.

nate came over to jack's to hangout with us. i have gotten closer with nate and i would consider him one of my best friends.

i grabbed pillows and random things off the coffee table to throw behind me at him. nothing works in keeping him away though because he quickly runs behind me and throws me over his shoulder. "nate! wait!" i yell. "i'm sorry! i'm sorry, okay!" i laugh. "jack! help me!" i plead as nate throws me on the couch and starts to tickle me.

"you're sorry, now are you?" nate teases.

"jack!" i manage or again through my laughs.

"alright nate, take your hands off her like that." jack stands up, jaw clenched. i furrow my brows. he's acting weird.

"what man? we're just playing around." nate chuckles, continuing to tickle and poke at my sides. i was kicking and punching at him, laughing uncontrollably.

jack grabs onto nate's wrist, "i said to stop touching her like that," jack growls.

nate steps back and puts his hands up in surrender, "chill out brother, i'm sorry."

"jack?" i furrow my eyebrows at him. i stand up quickly and grab jack's hand. "come here. we'll be right back, nathan." i tell him, pulling jack into the bathroom and shutting the door. "what was that?" i ask.

"what was what?" he raises his eyebrows, acting clueless.

"don't play dumb, asshole. what just happened out there with nate?" i clarify, tapping my feet in frustration.

"nothing. you asked me to help you so i did." he states plainly, crossing his arms over his chest, but i'm not stupid.

"oh, fuck off. you knew we were messing around and then you get all serious and aggressive with your best friend. why?"

"no reason." he insisted, which only aggravated me.

i scoff, "whatever, jack." i turn on my heels to open the door and leave but jack grabbed my wrist and pulled me back, so close that out chests were touching.

"i'm sorry," he whispered. "it's just... i didn't like seeing him touching all on you like that. it bothered me, i guess, i don't know." he sighed. his words made my heart flutter.

our faces were just inches apart. "why? why didn't you like seeing him touch me?"

he opens his mouth to give an answer but almost immediately shuts it. he moves one of his hands up to cup my cheek and the other to grip my waist. within seconds his lips collided with mine. the kiss was hard and passionate but not long. it only lasted a few seconds, but i never wanted it to end. when he pulls away, i almost let out a whimper. "does that answer your question?" he whispers, smirking.

i couldn't help the smile forming on my face, and there was no wiping it off. i slowly nod, still speechless from the kiss. we both move away from each other and leave the bathroom. i look around to find nate but he wasn't there. he must've left, jack was being a dick to him.

i decide to text him.

me; hey, i just wanted to apologize about jack. idk what's gotten into him.

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