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holland's pov;

after my little talk with parker, i went back upstairs with jack. we continued where we left off in a make out session but that's as far as i let it go. it's way too early for real sex, but i wasn't opposed to messing around.

once i started to get tired, i tried getting up and going to my bedroom to sleep but jack wasn't having it. "no! stay with me tonight!" he whined, grabbing ahold of my wrist.

"jack, i actually want to get some rest tonight." i resist.

"okay, well then we'll go to sleep. i won't even try to make a move on you." he promises.

"i don't know if that's possible for you, you couldn't seem to keep your hands off me earlier." i tease, getting a flash of confidence.

"ugh, how could i? your so hot." he smirks, pulling me to stand between his legs, as he sat on the edge of his bed.

"and you are so horny." i fire back, placing my hands on his shoulders as he places his hands on my hips.

"yeah, for you." he grabs the back of my thighs and pulls me into his lap, so i'm straddling him. "please, just stay with me tonight." he begs quietly.

"wow, you must really want me to stay if your actually saying please." i joke and he rolls his eyes.

"i always say please!" he grumbles.

"you never say please," i respond and he childishly sticks his tongue out at me.

"holland," he drags out my name. "come on just stay. one night. you know you want to." he pleads again, wiggling his eyebrows at his last sentence. well, i'd be lying if i said that i didn't want to stay in here with  him.

"fine," i give in, and he smiles giddily, before smashing his lips against mine, but pulls away quickly causing me to groan.

"you said that you wanted to sleep," he smirks, moving me off his lap to lay beside him.

"i do." i said shortly, giving him a quick peck on the lips ands and turning to lay on my side facing away from him. he chuckled before wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me into him.

"goodnight, baby." he whispered, placing a kiss on my jawline and stuffing his face in the crook of my neck. i smile at our position, i'm in love with it and i could lay like this all the time.


the next morning i wake up to my alarm clock and with jacks arm secured tightly around my waist. i slowly removed myself from his hold. "jack, wake up it's morning." i whisper, shaking his shoulder lightly. "we have school." he groans loudly and his flutter open. he smiles groggily at me.

"morning kiss?" he asks raspily, sticking out his bottom lip.

i scrunch my nose up, "no, morning breath, gross. brush your teeth and then maybe." he groans loudly again and gets up. he goes into the bathroom and shuts the door behind him. i walk out of his room and into my own. i start to rummage through my closet to find something to wear. "i literally have nothing to wear." i complain, put my forehead against my closet door.

"your closet is overflowing." i hear jacks voice say. i turn to see him standing the doorway.

"i know, but there's nothing in here that i can wear," i grumble, crossing my arms over my chest childishly.

"it's all looks pretty wearable to me." he states, smirking.

"yeah, well of course i can put it on but none of it looks good to me right now." i try to explain, growing frustrate.

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