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holland's pov;

"hey hol," jack says from the other line when he answers my facetime.

"hey jack," i hear yelling the background, "are the boys at your house?" i ask. he hums in response. "can i come over?"

"nope," he says seriously, popping the 'p'. my jaw drops.

"are you for real?" i ask shocked.

"i'm serious," he says, his stern expression going to a wide smile.

"oh my god, i thought you were literally being serious!" i yell laughing.

"who am i to turn you down?" he chuckles, making my stomach flutter, for some reason. i roll my eyes and hang up. i quickly grab my keys and my bag, because i usually end up staying the night, and walk out to my car. i lived like 5 minutes away from jack so it didn't take long to get there. once i pull in i see jack come running out to my car so i start recording him on snapchat until he was at my window. i caption it 'jack missed me 💞' and posted it on my story.

"hey jack," i drag out, getting out of my car. he brings me into a tight hug, which i return. "damn, excited to see me?" i question.

"i'm always excited to see you, babe," he whispers into my neck. he called me fucking babe, and this isn't like the first time, this time i liked it.

"holland," i corrected, just to mess with him.

"yeah, whatever, stop pretending you don't like when i call you that." he places his hand on my lower back and leads me into his house, with the boys on the inside.

i gasp sarcastically, "i don't like it," i lie, my smile gives me away though. "hey boys!" i exclaim, plopping on the couch next to sam, who i've grown closer to.

"hey, holland," nate greets, unenthusiastically.

"not happy to see me?" i question, raising my brow.

"it was supposed to be a guys night, but that fucker," he points to jack, "couldn't resist you for one damn night."

"oh, fuck off, nate." jack remarks, sitting down next to me, very close might i add, which i didn't mind. i look over at jack and smirk.

"hey! you should let me do your eyebrows," i say to jack.

"um, absolutely not. you are not touching my face. nope nope nope." jack refused immediately, scooting away from me.

"jack please," i drug out, "i'm not gonna mess them up, i'm just gonna pluck out the strays."

"no way, holland. no chance in hell." he continues, not budging.

"jack," i pout, making a puppy dog face. "you can trust me with your prized possessions,"

"don't do it, bro," johnson pipes in, causing me to flick the back of his head.

"shut it, jj." i scold, "don't listen to him, just let me do it, they'll look even better when i'm finished with them,"

"i swear to fucking god if you give me girl eyebrows," he gives in, making me clap happily. nate sighs, and imitates the sound of a whip. "fuck off, nate." jack snaps.

"i won't mess up, jack." i go into my bag and grab some tweezers. i kneel on the couch next to him and put my hand on his face to push his head back so i could see properly.

as soon as I brought the tweezers to his brows he started wiggling around and mumbling, "wait... no... holland... i changed my mind... stop,"

"stop moving or i really am gonna mess up," i warn plucking a hair out. he starts pulling away again so i moved onto his lap, straddling him, to keep him still.

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