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Pen Your Pride

I decided to drive to Mattys house. I was always welcome, wasn't I?

Hesatently, I ran up to his front door and rang the door bell like about fifty times in a row.

"Hey, Ray", Matty openend the door.

I immediatly pushed by him and went into his house without a single word.

"What on earth?!", he said loudly.

I kinda heard him fall to the ground but I ignored it.

I quickly ripped all the curtains shut and closed all of the windows.

"What the hell, Ray?!", Matty yelled at me as he came in the livingroom.

I ran into the bathroom and sat on the toilet and trying to calm myself down.

Matty came bursting in the room: "What the hell is going on, Ray?!", he said and grabbed my shoulder.

"I'm  being followed", I said and started to cry.

"What?", he said with big eyes whilst releasing the tight grip on my right shoulder slowly.

"Matthew fucking Healy!! I'M FUCKING BEING FOLLOWED", I yelled directly into his face.

He didn't move but nodded slightly.

"Who was it?", he asked me quietly.

"What? YOU THINK I FREAKING WENT OVER TO HER AND ASKED HER 'I'm sorry miss, could you tell me your name because I need to tell my boyfriend who is following me'???", I screamed.

"NO, THE HELL I DIDN'T!! NOW SHUT THE FUCK UP RAY!! I HAVE TO HELP YOU", he yelled in my face the same way that I yelled in his.

Was not that compforting, I must say.

"You don't have to-", I said quietly and then I passed out.

Everything went black.


It was quiet.

Was I dead?

No, I don't think so.

Hopefully not.

Then my mind was empty.







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