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You (Matty Healy) by Mattylolno
You (Matty Healy)by Mattylolno
"You're a good girl, do you know that?" He exhaled deeply with a disbelieving smile, pulling me to lie next to him. "Which is probably why I find you so h...
talk! | matty healy by rrosesforhealy
talk! | matty healyby rrosesforhealy
both endlessly denying what's wrong to make each other right. **contains smut, some violence and swearing, drug use (lower case intended)
FOREVER, YOURS // Matty Healy. by mustbemydream0
FOREVER, YOURS // Matty mustbemydream0
Alyssa is Dirty Hit's newest edition to the team working on the marketing for The 1975's newest album. She didn't know much about the band when she got the job but her f...
Sex // Matty Healy by highoffhealy
Sex // Matty Healyby highoffhealy
"Matthew, stop. We can't do this," I say, pulling away slightly. "Shh, yes we can, baby," he brings both of his hand to cup my face, his thumbs brus...
ephemeral // matty healy by alilbich
ephemeral // matty healyby ya boi ann
After finishing her degree away from Home, Blair has returned to a new job opportunity in London. Working as a graphic designer is difficult, especially when you have fi...
Drunk *ᴹᵃᵗᵗʸ ᴴᵉᵃˡʸ* by imagine-that-100
Drunk *ᴹᵃᵗᵗʸ ᴴᵉᵃˡʸ*by imagine-that-100
"I wouldn't call yourself innocent," Matty whispered, "Not after what just happened upstairs." ~*~*~*~ Coming home from University, for the most part...
Conversation  *ᴹᵃᵗᵗʸ ᴴᵉᵃˡʸ* by imagine-that-100
Conversation *ᴹᵃᵗᵗʸ ᴴᵉᵃˡʸ*by imagine-that-100
'It wasn't his intention to flirt with anyone today. But you seemed to have been sent by the universe for him to rile up a little.' ~*~*~*~ Matty boards a train at Manch...
102 - a Matty Healy fanfiction by provincialstation
102 - a Matty Healy fanfictionby just another fangirl
Delilah Duncan, an artsy, feisty midget who stumbled upon these typical teenage boys and they were all inseparable from the beginning. This is a story of how they discov...
I Know That I'll Lose by Sunset-In-My-Veins
I Know That I'll Loseby Sunset-In-My-Veins
A terribly stubborn, mildly (at best) egotistical man happens to meet a girl just as hard headed as he is, who can't help but bite every time he fishes for attention. ...
Project 1975 by maria-martian
Project 1975by maria-martian
A Matthew Healy fan fiction △ Going to a completely new world. Applying for an internship and bumping into your favorite band's frontman? Stressful, adventurous and exc...
The Radio Station by Sunset-In-My-Veins
The Radio Stationby Sunset-In-My-Veins
"I'm still not quite used to these proper radio interviews." He said as he reshuffled the headset over his clean shaven mohawk. "It all... feels so profes...
intimate moments- Matty Healy by bigbaddie101
intimate moments- Matty Healyby bigbaddie101
Grace Daniel , Georges sister, is struggling once again. she is unable to determine what she wants her life to be all whilst suffering with her mental health and many fo...
Me&YouTogetherStory.... •M•T•Healy• by Wattoo-94
Me&YouTogetherStory.... •M•T•Healy•by UwattM8
It's always been them two. And it's always been that bit more than they'd like to admit.... But with things getting in the way... as they grow up and take different path...
One More Time by maria-martian
One More Timeby maria-martian
A SEQUEL TO PROJECT 1975 He was trouble with legs. He was trouble with talent. He was trouble that can sing. He is Matthew Healy.. But he lay in the...
Why Don't You Figure My Heart Out? (Matthew Healy) by kate_ydg
Why Don't You Figure My Heart kate_ydg
Maddy Wellington is an independent 18 year old girl living in Manchester with high hopes for her future. She adores The 1975, but what happens when she goes to one of th...
// P e t r i c h o r // Matty Healy by trumattyblacc
// P e t r i c h o r // Matty Healyby Imogen
"If loving you was a huge mistake than leaving you was a massive mistake. I love you, don't you mind?" he locks his eyes on me with his hands against the wall...
one shots || matty healy  by mattysstickynotes
one shots || matty healy by mattysstickynotes
things in our notes app bc that shit too good
They can't bring us down (Matthew Healy Love Story) by bedheadblondish
They can't bring us down ( anna
This very story is about the famous band member of the well known british 'boyband' The 1975, and a girl that is also known as Ray. They fall in love with eachother rig...