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But never have I been a calm blue sea.
I have always been a storm.

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United States of America

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wwe Star of @totaldivas, @natbynature and special guests @theduchessofkendal @hrhtheprincessofavondale join forces to take on the #RiottSquad! #Raw #Royal #TotalDivas

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"You're back!" A cheerful Renee exclaimed before tossing herself onto Nicole, wrapping her body around the woman. "How's the royal family?" She asked.

Laughing, Nicole assisted the blonde beauty down and took a step back. "Very well and growing." She said.

"I cannot believe they're letting you wrestle." Renee said.

"They are very supportive and you know I can't stay away from the ring." Nicole said.

"That's awesome." Renee said. "Did you know your husband and kids are here?" She asked looking behind me.

"What? No." I said turning around to see Harry and our kids walking towards me while the Royal Protection Officers were carrying the kids. "Harry!" I exclaimed running towards him and into his arms.

"Are you surprised?" He asked.

"Yes, I am. What are you doing here?" I asked.

"There's no way the kids and I would miss a chance to see you in action in person, Love." He answered.

"Aww, thank you. I missed you guys so much." I said kissing his lips then grabbing our son from the nearest RPO. "Hi, baby." I said.

"Mama." Vincent said in his baby voice.

"Yes, vinny." I said.

"Mama." David said reaching for me. I grabbed and held both my boys in my arms.

"Aww, you guys are so cute." Natalya (Natalie) said walking up to us. Renee was holding Stephanie and making her laugh.

"Hi, Natalie, how are you?" Harry asked.

"I'm great, how are you, Harry?" She asked.

"I'm good, just excited to see you girls in action." He answered.

"I see, where's my momo?" She asked walking up to Monique who was smiling.

"Nana." Monique said reaching out to her Godmother.

"Hi, momo." Natalya said picking her up.

"I've never seen so much kids and security in my life." Jon (Dean) said as he walked up to us and David immediately started squealing and wanted me to put him down so he could go to Jon.

"Hey buddy." Jon said picking David up.

"I swear, David is obsessed with Jon." I said as I watch the two of them make funny faces at each other.

"He loves his Godfather." Harry said.


Wiping the sweat from her brow, Nicole tried to relax after her match. The adrenaline in her body was still coursing through and causing her nerves to shoot energy through her veins, so she felt as though relaxation would never return. She loved this part after a match.

"Mama!" My four kids squealed as soon as I walked backstage.

"My babies!" I said, feeling excited that they were able to finally see me in action.

"You kicked ass out there, Love!" Harry said.

"What about us?" Brie asked standing next to me.

"You guys were amazing as well but my wife, she was a show stopper." Harry answered.

"What a kind brother in law that I have." Brie said as she left to go find her husband and their kids.

"Maybe, you should give it a try, Harry." Natalya said.

"Oh, no thank you I've tried with Nicole and that's as much as I'm willing to put my body through." He said causing us to laugh.

"Come on, let's go." I said.

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