C H A P T E R 16

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London, England

After dinner the journey to my apartment was relatively short, and as my security guards were present I controlled myself. But I often permitted myself a glance at her, my eyes roving her long, tanned legs and her breasts, hidden by her dress and making my head spin in anticipation.

Finally, we arrived, and I led Nicole up to my apartment, both her hands gripping mine as she followed me, giggling as we both tripped and nearly fell.

I unlocked the door, and we both hurried inside, now our only goal being getting to bed. I was desperate to put my hands on her, to squeeze her and make her cry out. I shut the door.

She grabbed my neck, pulling me towards her, my lips crashing down on hers as she began to run her hands over my chest. I gripped her waist, lifting her up and letting her wrap her legs around me. Her groin was inches from mine, and as our tongues danced, our hands roving over each other, I wondered whether she could feel my hard sex against her leg.

I slowly began to move towards the bedroom as Nicole started to unbutton the buttons to my wedding vest. I kept her safely in my arms, my hands on her ass, keeping her up. Every time her fingers touched my skin, a million fireworks went off inside of me.

I placed her gently down on the bed as she pulled my shirt off of me, running her hands over my chest and leaning forward to kiss directly over my heart.


I woke up the following morning, content and satisfied, immediately feeling Nicole sleeping in my arms. She was snoozing softly, one hand resting on my chest as her own rose in rhythm with her breathing.

I watched her sleep for a while, tracing patterns on her arm. Eventually she awoke, her eyelids fluttering open.

"Hey," she murmured.

"Good morning," I replied, leaning down and kissing her.

She nodded. "Your chest is very comfortable."

I grinned. "Save it. I've heard it all before."

She giggled, before groaning. "My head hurts."

I got her some paracetamol, making us a cup of tea and finding the room empty, the shower on. I slipped into the bathroom, leaning gently against the door frame, watching her distorted figure as she washed herself. I waited until the water turned off and she got out, grabbing a towel. She jumped at the sight of me.

"You scared me," she said, pouting. I grinned.

"Going somewhere?" I asked her.

"Just give me a shirt." She said.

"Nicole, come here." I said.

She nodded, sitting down beside me and leaning her head down on my shoulder. "It was amazing."

I agreed. "You were...outstanding."

She chuckled lightly, before turning my head towards her and gently pressing her lips to mine.

"I know this isn't very romantic but I have something to give you." I said.

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