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Ethnicity of Stephanie Nicole Garcia Colace | Including Nationality Ancestry Race

Birth Name: Stephanie Nicole Garcia-Colace

Place of Birth: San Diego, California, United States

Date of Birth: November 21, 1983

*Mexican (father)
*Italian (maternal grandfather)
*English, Irish, Scottish (maternal grandmother)

Nikki Bella, is an American professional wrestling tag team. She performed on the WWE. She is also an actor and model.

Nicole is the daughter of Kathy (Colace) and Jon Garcia. Her father is of Mexican descent. Her mother is of Italian descent on one side, and of English, Irish, and Scottish ancestry on the other. Her mother is from a family of entrepreneurs.

Nicole's maternal grandfather was Joseph John "Joe" Colace (the son of Giuseppe "Joseph" Colace and Carmella Devita). Giuseppe was from Naples. Carmella was born in Pennsylvania, the daughter of Italian parents, Antonio Devita and Rosa/Rose Caruso.

Nicole's maternal grandmother is Alice Mary Dessert (the daughter of Raymond Bernardine/Bernardene Dessert and Jennie Cecelia/Cecilia James). Raymond was the son of Francis Adnus Dessert and Anne Chisholm, who was born in Alexandria, Ontario, Canada. Jennie was the daughter of Richard Edwin James and Alice Mary O'Connor.

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Nicole is the 22th cousin of THE DUKE OF ALBA OF SPAIN

Nicole is the 25th cousin, once removed, of Queen Elizabeth II

Nicole is a direct descendant of England's King Edward III

Nicole is a descendants of King James II of Scotland

Nicole is the great great great great granddaughter of
Marie José of Belgium, the last queen of Italy

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