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Been trying hard not to get into trouble, but I, I've got a war in my mind ...

London, England

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Brie decided to extend her stay in London to three days, considering she and Nicole had officially media appearances to do.

On her first night, they had enjoyed various of salads for dinner.

On her second day, Nicole reinstated her security detail of two men, and also got her a driver to avoid the paparazzi chasing her and Brie around London.

It was on her last day in London, Nicole decided to take her sister on a tour of London. The very same tour Harry had taken her on that past weekend, minus the grand movie finale in Kensington Palace.

She still hadn't told her sister of her relationship with Harry. But she knew she had an idea that there was someone new in her life. She gave her a little smile every time she escaped to her bedroom the same time every night to talk to him on the phone.

They were departing the London Dungeon when her sister looked over at her and smiled.

"I take it you've been on this tour before." Brie said.

Nicole grinned. "I have, actually. Someone special took me on this exact same tour. That's how I knew so much about Kensington Palace earlier today when we passed it." Nicole said.

"Care to share who that someone is?" Brie asked with her eyebrow raised.

Nicole ran a hand through her black locks. "Well, I think you'll approve of him." She answered.

"Ah, well he seems to make my sister happy so I already approve. Is that who you've been sneaking away to talk to at five-thirty every night?" Brie asked.

Nicole's cheeks flushed. "It is." She answered.

Brie nodded at her sister and smiled down at her. "Well, if you don't want to tell me who it is yet, that's ok. I just want you to be happy, and it seems you are." Brie said.

"No I'll tell you, just don't say I told you so." Nicole said.

"And why would I say that?" Brie replied, narrowing her eyes.

Nicole cleared her throat before she answered him. "Well that would be because, it's Harry. Prince Harry." Nicole said.

"I won't say I told you so, but I will say that I had a feeling." Brie said.

"Now Brie, don't go planning a wedding. We're having fun, just seeing where things go. We've only just started dating." Nicole replied, smiling over at him.

"Oh Nicole, I know." Brie said. Secretly Brie had created a scrapbook of pages for Nicole's royal wedding.


It was later that night, long after she'd gone to bed, when Nicole was awoken to the racket of her cell phone ringing. It was charging across the room on her desk and looking over at her alarm clock, Nicole discovered it was three in the morning.

She sighed, stumbling from the warm embrace of her covers and over to her phone.

"Hello?" She said, not bothering to check the caller ID.

"Nicole, you're awake." Harry's voice came in. He sounded tired and rightfully so, considering the hour.

"Well I wasn't, until now." Nicole flipped on her desk light and sat on the edge of her bed. "Is everything ok, Harry? Why are you calling me at this hour?"

Harry chuckled. "You're going to kill me. But it's three am and I can't stop thinking about you. I know your family has been in town the last few days, but I haven't talked to you nearly as much as I like. I miss you, Nicole."

"You're lucky I like you, you know that?" Nicole said to him, smiling.

"Considering our first meeting, I'm incredibly lucky you like me."

Nicole giggled. "Oh I've always liked you, I just didn't want to boost your ego more than it already is." She said.

"My, the sarcastic banter comes at all hours of the day. Doesn't it?" Harry quipped, followed by a chuckle.

"I'd tell you to shut up, but I miss you too much to be that mean." Nicole replied, as she fell back onto her bed.

"I want you to come visit me, will you?" Harry asked her and Nicole couldn't help but smile. "Do you have plans next weekend?" Harry responded, hoping to see her as soon as possible.

"You know, I think I can clear my schedule for you." Nicole replied.

"Oh I'm so happy you were able to free yourself up. So it's a deal then? You'll come to Kensington palace next weekend?" Harry asked.

"Sounds like a date, Harry." Nicole said.

"Excellent, now I may be able to get some sleep knowing you're coming for a visit. I miss you so much, Nicole." He said.

And it was true. Everything he did somehow made him think of Nicole. He slept, ate, and breathed her. Earlier that week in a meeting with his grandmother, he was talking of equal rights in politics when he wondered what Nicole's opinion would be on the matter. He yearned to hear her voice, and he could hardly stand not being with her in London.

"I think we've covered that, Harry. But I miss you too, terribly." Nicole said.

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