C H A P T E R 9

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I can't tell you exactly who I am because there are different versions of me living inside the eyes of every person I've ever met. I hope you focus on the good, because I don't get to choose who I become in your life, You do.

London, England

"Hello? Harbear, how are you?" Nicole said answering the phone.

Her gentle answer seemed to calm him as his shoulders dropped slightly as the tension slowly fell out of them.

"I-I um, wanted to invite you to a garden party Nan's having tomorrow." He stuttered quietly. "I'm aware it's late notice but Catherine and William would really love to see you there. She's the one who urged me to invite you." He said.

"What? They want to meet me? Harry, I thought we weren't telling anyone about us." Nicole said.

"Well you told your sister." He said.

"That's different, she's my twin." She said.

"Wow, big difference and I didn't tell them, William took my phone and told Catherine who then told granny but I'll explain that conversation later." He said.

"I told you, you needed to change your password." She said.

"My password is perfectly acceptable." He said.

"Harry, really? 1234 is not acceptable." She said.

"Sigh, fine I'll change it." He said. "Anyway, I need answer so they can put you on the guest list but knowing Kate she'll probably have you with us." He said.

Taking in a deep breath, Nicole gave a stiff smile as his words raced around her head, trying to process them. Opening her mouth to state a response, she stumbled over her words before looking down at her nails for a moment, choosing to ignore Harry on the other side of the phone.

"Of course, I'd love to." She responded, her head rising. A smile flooded Harry's face as his own mouth opened to respond but the sound of the car horn interrupted him followed by William's shout.

"Harry, bloody hell get your arse in this car." William shouted causing Nicole to laugh.

"I'm so sorry, Nicole but I have to go and I'll talk to you later." He said, prompting the two to say their goodbyes before hanging up.


Sitting at her vanity, Nicole's face was scrunched up as her make-up artist and hairstylist rushed around her with different products in their hands, getting her ready.

The choking clouds of hairspray quickly filled the room as the two got to work. Brie had disappeared in her closet hunting down for something for her to wear, muttering to herself occasionally as she looked at her clothes.

All the details of the garden party had been sent to her via message at about the same time she got home last night or should she say early morning. Being urged into her bathroom and promptly passed her outfit for the day by Brie.

Stopping immediately as the large backyard scene came into view, she could feel her palms get sweating and her heart speed up

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Stopping immediately as the large backyard scene came into view, she could feel her palms get sweating and her heart speed up. Holding her breath, she scanned around looking for Harry.

Before she could even take a step, a hand fell on her shoulder causing her to turn around, the beaming face of the Duchess of Cambridge filling her sight, making her feel calmer instantly.

"Hello," She greeted, gently rubbing Nicole's shoulder as she spoke, guiding Nicole deeper into the crowd of people, keeping a steady conversation going at all times.

"Miss Colace! What a pleasure to meet you." William said.

"The pleasure is all mine, Your Royal highness," Her words had both Cambridges shaking their head and chuckling quietly.

"Just William and Kate is alright for this occasion." William stated, a warm smile on his face as he did so.

"Then it's just Nicole or any other variation of the name to you as well." I said.

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