Be A Hero- The Pack Ships Part 1- 6

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Okay so someone made a request for a superhero au but I couldn't find the comment, so whoever it was, here you go. It isn't quite a superhero au but they all have powers and have to keep their identities a secret because otherwise they'll be hunted as mutants.

There will be a second part, someone send me prompts!!!

Preston- atmokinesis (manipulation of weather)

Rob- botanokinesis (manipulation of plants)

Jerome- sonokinesis (sound manipulation)

Mitch- chronokinesis (time manipulation/travel)

Vikk- cogitokinesis (mind manipulation)

Lachlan- photokinesis (light manipulation {basically invisibility})

Jerome's P.O.V.

I could feel the sound wavering around me as I moved my hands, rippling like water around me. It was beautiful and the control I had over the sound was mystifying, but I was so used to it by now that I didn't question what I had control over.

Mitch was sat on the other side of the room with an apple in front of him, reversing and rewinding the time on it as if it was effort to him at all. I knew time manipulation was actually a huge struggles for him and it took a lot of his energy, but he did it anyway.

I let the curtain of sound drop and at once the natural sounds of the room around me flooding my ears. When I played with sound I basically stopped it moving so no one could hear anything.

"Mitch! Jerome! We have to go!!!!" Rob burst into the room, creepers wound around his arms rearing anxiously.


"We've been found! We have to go!!!" I scrambled to my feet, pulling Mitch with me as we sprinted from the room, to the back of the abandoned house and up the ladder that led to the roof.

Lachlan, Vikk and Preston were already there, the light wavering around them as Lachlan prepared to hide them from sight. He controlled light and could make things appear different than they were, basically allowing him invisibility.

As soon as we were crouched by him I motioned my hands to the air around us, blocking the sound in such a way that meant that anyone outside our circle of invisibility wouldn't be able to see or hear us, but we could hear and see them.

"Can you hold it Lachlan?" He was already straining to keep the light the way it was as he could only make himself invisible comfortably but with all of us, he was struggling.

"May-maybe for a few minutes-" He hissed in pain as Vikk moved, which made it even more difficult for him to hold the light up.

"We're gonna have to get off the roof, they'll find us if we stay here." He grimaced, looking around the roof to make sure no one was there before dropping the light. I had no trouble holding up the sound barrier.

We scrambled the edge of the roof, out of sight of the ladder, to give Lachlan time to breathe and power up again before we tried to jump and run. Vikk, probably the most powerful of the group of us, could manipulate minds and it was very useful in terms of relaxing someone. Lachlan was ready in less than a minute.

He raised the light shield around us again and everyone scrambled from the roof, hand in hand with their partner. We sprinted into the forest behind the abandoned house and as soon as we were a few miles away from the house, Rob looked up.

Waving his hands he bought down some creepers from the trees and we each held onto a few which then pulled us up into the trees, away from the ground and out of sight of those hunting us.

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