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"Good Morning- Hello Miss Wang, did you sleep well?" The King asked me, for some reason he seemed even kinder than yesterday evening.

"I slept well thank you, and you?" I replied and everyone else stayed silent.

"Good good." He said, smiling before sitting at the head of the table.

"How can he speak to you so casually? And you with him?"

"Huh?" I turned to Jeongin after he asked me the question.

I noticed all three boys around me look straight down at their food, not even bothering to say hello to their father, the staff did too.
Only I actually looked at him.

"He loves you guys, right?" I asked Jeongin who just shrugged.

"Where's Miyoung?" I asked myself, just as she entered the hall, running up and kissing Hyunjin's cheek.

I looked at my watch, it was 10.

"Fuck-" I swore, Hyunsik, whom was sitting next to me, was laughing and Jeongin, who was also next to me, gasped.

"What?" Hyunsik asked me after a few seconds of giggling.

"I'm late for work." I said.

The boys looked shocked, except Hyunjin who was pre-occupied with his fiancée.

"Father!" Hyunsik called out.

"Yes son." His voice boomed out and everyone fell silent again.

"Annie-ssi is late for work, what should we do?"

"Call in sick, and we'll pay your wages, more than your wages." He told me, then went back to talking to his wife who was standing up beside him. She was still beautiful for a 50-something year old woman.

"That's very kind of you, but I'd like to go to work. My boss won't like it if I'm late-"

The King and everyone else looked really shocked that I had spoken back.

I was just being truthful.
I worked in a small coffee shop, it wasn't well known though it had a good number of visitors, which is why I didn't want to miss my shift. I liked working there and helping out, it made me feel good.

"Very well-" He said, and a staff member left as soon as the King clicked his finger for a car to be readied.

"Woah-" Jeongin said, surprised.

After I finished my cereal, a staff member tapped on my shoulder, gesturing me to follow another member of staff, the driver from last night.

"I'll see you some time. Thank you for having me, bye everyone." I said, bowing and quickly following the chauffeur who would be taking me to my work.


I turned to see Hyunjin just as I was getting to the car.

"Hyunjin-ah, you already know. I've given you an ultimatum- I'll see you sometime." I said, putting my hand on the door handle, just about to tense my arm to open it, but he stopped me.

The driver was already inside and was waiting for me, it was annoying me being held up because I wanted to go to work.

His lips found mine for the second time, it was quick but passionate.

"I'll see you soon baby-" He said, squeezing my hand then running back inside the mansion.

I got in the car, the chauffeur smirking a little but he said nothing.

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