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At 8 o'clock I had finished my lecture, and was picked up by Lea after her date. I got into the back seat of her big Range Rover and groaned as I sat down, feeling tired though we relaxed for almost all of the day.

"Good Evening- how are you?" I asked her;

"Good thank you-"

"Good Thanks-"

Both sentences were said at the same time, which made my eyes scan the passengers seat up front, and I noticed it was...

"HYUNSIK-AH!" I shouted using informal language which made unnie hit me.

"Carry on driving- " I whined at her before smirking.

"How was your date?" I asked after a few moments of silence and awkward laughter.

"You go-"

"No you go-"

"Hyunsik-ah, please go-"

"Lea- no, you speak."

They bickered for almost 3 minutes which made me giggle.

"Alright- unnie speak first." I said and she immediately shut up.

"Come on-" I said, rolling my eyes.

"Well- Annie, firstly, thank you." She said with a wide smile.

"The date was very, interesting, we shall say." She carried on, making me cringe but I sort of enjoyed it.

"And you Hyunsik-ssi?"

"Lea, do you want to go on another date?"

"OH MY GOSH!" I screamed, making both of them jump in shock.

"I SHIP!" I shouted again and again before Lea could even answer Hyunsik.

"I apologize for my friend Hyunsik-"

"Don't worry- she'll be my sister in law in now time, I'll have to get used to it-"

"So the articles are true?" Lea asked me, and I blushed, nodding in the back seat.

"Hyunjin can't get enough-" Hyunsik commenter, exposing his little brother.

"YAH!" I shouted, Hyunsik chuckled as did Lea, they acted like my parents for the rest of the car journey, warning me of 'adult' things.

"I'M AN ADULT!" I shouted as we arrived in the car park underneath my university apartment.

"Thank you unnie-" I sang and left the car quickly.

"BYE ANNIE!" Both of them shouted, and I saw Hyunsik kiss her cheek as I walked inside.

I'm so happy because I finally got something right, well, I'm the relationship department.

"ANNIE!" I heard Jackson shout from inside my apartment.

"AHHH!" I screamed seeing him lying on the couch with my boyfriend.

"Umm- what are you BOTH doing here?!" I asked, hitting my brother so he would stop hugging Hyunjin. Both of them are clingy as fuck.

"I wanted to see my sister-" He said.

"I wanted to see my girlfriend-" Hyunjin answered immediately after him.

"Umm- well, Hyunjinnie, you saw me earlier." I said to him, but I couldn't stop myself from giggling as I saw him pout.

"So the articles are true about you both? YOU WERE TELLING THE TRU-"

"Jackson, shut the fuck up. I told you should believe me." I said, shaking my head as Hyunjin laughed.

There was a sudden knock on my door.

"Lix?" Jackson asked when he opened the door.


Felix's korean is still broken, but it shows he's trying.

"Hyung-" Hyunjin and I both said under our breaths, wrapping an arm around me so I cuddled up to him on my sofa.

"PRINCE HYUNJIN!" Felix screamed, pushing me aside and hugging him. I smelt alcohol on him but he didn't seem completely off his face.

Changbin slowly followed Felix inside the apartment, talking a bit to Jackson, to get to know each other.


"I WANTED TO SEE MY-" my brother and boyfriend shouted back at me but I cut them off.


"CHANGLIX WHY ARE YOU HERE?" I shouted, the couple laughed as did Jackson and Hyunjin.

"I wanted to see my BESTIEEE-" Felix said, then fell on top of me, Changbin mouthing 'Sorry' as he did so which just made me laugh even more.

"Well- let's watch a film-" Hyunjin said, pushing Felix onto my brother and pulling me back close to him.

"Oi move yourself Lix-" Changbin said, pushing his boyfriend out the way, and sat down next to Jackson.

"BINNIE-" Felix shouted, passing Jackson the remote so he could put on a film from the TV's setlist.

"Hmmm- how was your lecture?" Hyunjin said into my ear as Jackson put on Frozen.

"YAH! WHY FROZEN?" Felix shouted.

"Shut up Felix-" All 4 of us said to him and he immediately shut up.

"He's so loud-" I whined and Hyunjin chuckled which made my body move with his movements.

"My lecture was good- what about your day?" I asked, putting my head on his chest, seeing the TV sideways.

"I talked a lot to Jackson-hyung, he says he's going to introduce me to Jinyoung-Hyung. FINALLY!" He said, making me giggle.

"Can you two please shut up?" Jackson said, which made us giggle more though quietly.

"Is that why you're with me? To get close to GOT7?" I teased Hyunjin who begun to tickle me.

"AHH!" I screamed, the other three boys on the sofa looking at us two like we were animals.

"SHUT UP!" They shouted and I decided to get up, to go to my bedroom and change into pyjamas.

As I was changing, Hyunjin walked in, blushing profusely as he saw me half dressed.

"HYUNJIN!" I screamed, and he quickly hurried out the door.

I threw on my white T-shirt and black joggers, then opened the door again, revealing Hyunjin looking bright red.

"Next time you better knock."

He suddenly smirked.

"But I've seen y-"

"Don't you dare, Jackson could hear."

Hyunjin chuckled, kissing my cheek before sitting on my bed.

"My mum's already talking about you marrying me-" He confessed.

"Umm- we've not even been dating for two days." I said, giggling awkwardly.

"Everyone in my family can see how much I love you-"

"They don't want me to lose you." He said, sitting awkwardly so I pulled him in for a cuddle. He's so cuddly, I can hardly remember a time when I hated hugs.

"You won't." I said, smiling as I looked up at his jaw.

"Seriously-" He started but I put a finger to his mouth.

"Stop. You're amazing, I love you."

I cringed at my own words. How could I be so cringey?

"Fuck-" Hyunjin said, pressing a small kiss to my lips.

"I love you-" He said, giggling before kissing me more passionately.

"AHH- no. I love you more." I said, before Hyunjin tickled me again.

"DON'T GET TOO FRISKY!" I heard Jackson say through our giggles.

Hmm. Who knows?

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