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"No. No." I said, pushing Hyunjin away from me as he brushed his lips over mine.

"Ahhh!" I said, making him giggle though I fell backwards, Hyunjin catching me straight away.

"I'd have rather fallen-"

"Rather than this?" He said, and within a second he was kissing me.

I was frozen but out of habit, and because I now realize how completely and utterly in love I am with him, I began to kiss him back.

"You're the only one for me-" He sang, making me giggle before he peppered my face with small kisses again and again.

"Why do I love you?" I asked him, and his mouth dropped.

"You love me?" He asked.


I turned bright red, even more red than a tomato, or a brick.

"Fuck-" I swore which made him laugh his head off.

"Don't worry baby- I love you-" He said, pulling me into a hug which we didn't move from for 10 minutes.

"So I take it- you are together now?" The King asked, walking back into his office just as Hyunjin was going in to kiss me again.

"Not exA-"

"What do you want to do about it Hyunjin?" His dad asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Well- Annie- I love you, please be my girlfriend."

"Miyoung is now back with her family in Daegu."

His dad started pitching Hyunjin to me.

"Your majesty, you don't need to sell your son to me-" I interrupted him, surprising Hyunjin a little bit.

"Why?" He asked me.

"Because I'm already sold." Hyunjin said, smirking as he turned to face his dad.

His dad, though Hyunjin was being cheeky, didn't say anything but smiled.

"Congratulations-" He said, turning around to leave the room.

"You knew I would b-" I started to say as I turned my head to Hyunjin, who was smiling widely to me, making me weak at the knees.

"I love you- and only you." He said.

"I love you too-" I admitted, making Hyunjin woop in excitement, and he squeezed my arms a bit too hard.

"Ow mate-" I whined in English, making him laugh.

"Lunch is being served! Get your lovebird asses in here!" A very familiar voice shouted, it was Hyunsik.

"Oh my god-" He said, seeing us walk out holding hands.

"Hyung- I'm sure you've met my girlfriend before..." Hyunjin said, dropping the gf bomb almost immediately after he asked me out.

Hyunsik was asking all sorts of annoying questions after lunch, which only served for close family. Apparently I was one of them now?

"Annie-ssi?" A female voice asked from behind my chair, and I turned my head instantaneously to face them.

I turned to see a woman in her mid 50s, and a girl of 12 or so. This must be Hyunjin's mother and the girl must be Ryujin.

"Hello, I'm Eunji- it's a pleasure to meet you. You must be Hyunjin's girlfriend."

"Mum- this is the girl Hyunjin's been talking about for weeks-" Jeongin piped up, making me giggle as I shook her hand before bowing.

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