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"I'm coming Ni- I'm coming."

He then ran down the stairs wearing his black suit with a green sash and accents to show he was royalty. He looked very handsome, as usual.

"Umm your hair-" I said, styling it out of his face, kissing his forehead before pulling away.

"Lets go-" I said, and Hyunjin helped me into the car as we left our apartment.

Yes, Hyunjin and I finished university, both of us getting 1st degrees in our respective subjects.
Now we live together, just a 5 minutes away from the high school I work in as a Geography teacher.

"You look gorgeous-" He said, starting the engine as I pushed my hair out of my face.

"Thank you-"

I wore a dark green knee length dress with an off the shoulder neckline. I wore matching heels and earrings. I wore light makeup and my recently dyed and cut blonde hair was lightly curled.

"Right- Let's get going. We're slightly late-" Hyunjin mumbled to himself and drove out of our parking space and out onto the motorway.

After half an hour we arrived at our destination, lots of reporters with their cameras were there.

"Alright- let's go." Hyunjin said, getting out the car.

I followed suit and got out, hundreds of flashes hitting me but Hyunjin quickly grabbed my hand, pulling me along.

I played with my ring on my left hand which Hyunjin didn't hold.

"Come on darl-" He said, and we hurried inside the church which was only a small walk away.

"Go on-" I said to Hyunjin, seeing the cameras lined up, and he hurried to the first pew whereas I sat in the second.

"Please stand to welcome the bride-"

We all stood up, Hyunjin winking at me as I saw Lea walking in through the church's entrance doors.

"Wow-" I said, feeling tears prick in my eyes as I saw my ex-boss, now best friend, looking so beautiful. I am so proud to be her best friend, she's beautiful inside and out.

She walked down the aisle with her father by her side to her almost husband Hyunsik, which is why Hyunjin was in the first row, to give them their rings.

After very long readings and some songs, they were finally ready to read their vows.

I was crying a lot, Hyunjin's grandma had handed me some tissues but they were now all soggy.

They were finally married, and my god, my smile didn't falter for the next week.

"CONGRATULATIONS FUTURE KING AND QUEEN!" I shouted at my best friend as I ran over to her at the reception, Hyunjin following behind me.

"Congrats bro-" Hyunjin said, going ice to Jeongin and Hyunsik who were talking, Hyunsik's arm was around Lea which meant I had two for the price of one.

"How are you feeling?" I asked my giddy best friend, who looked as if she was drunk, ON LOVE.

"Right- do you want a drink?" She asked me after talking to me about Hyunsik and their car journey back and how she was feeling now being married to a guy I set her up with. I feel accomplished.

"I'll just have water-" I said, subconsciously touching my stomach.

Lea's eyes widened at me, and she pulled away from Hyunsik who looked confused though carried on talking to his brothers.

"Honey- I'm just going to talk to Annie ok?"

Hyunsik nodded, kissing her cheek before she pulled me over.

"YOU'RE PREGNANT?!" She said quietly but it seemed as if she was shouting to me. Who knows who will hear her?

"DOES HYUNJIN KNOW?!" She whispered, again it was as if she was shouting at me.

"No-" I said quietly and she rolled her eyes.

"Annie- what the hell." She said, tearing up.

"I'm so happy for you- but jeez... you've got to tell him. How far along?"

"Just 3 weeks." I replied quickly.

"YOU'VE KNOW FOR SO LONG, and he doesn't know?!" She said, covering her mouth before shaking her head.

"I've got a plan."

"No- no unnie." I said, but she rolled her eyes and walked back to her husband.

"It's time for food-" She said, because in fact it was.

We sat down on the table next to the happy couple, who were talking as food was being served.

Once everyone had been served, Hyunsik got up and made an announcement.

"Thank you Annie- for introducing us to each other. Without you, I wouldn't have found my wife-" Hyunsik said, smiling at me. More reason for me to look smug, I guess.

"As we're on the topic of Annie-" Lea said, getting up and Hyunsik looked surprised.

"Annie has some news- but she doesn't want to say it, so I will."

I fucking hate her.

Why am I lying?


As soon as the T left her mouth, Hyunjin spat out all of his champagne onto the food in front of him.

He turned to face me, and everything went silent around us, not just to me, everyone really went silent.

Hyunjin's mouth dropped and tears welled in his eyes.

"Fuck-" He swore which made me chuckle before kissing me softly.

Everyone cheered before beginning to eat their food.

"Congratulations- to both married couples!" A Duke shouted half way through the main course which made me chuckle. I was surprised Lea had wanted to announce the news today, considering it's her day.

"You're the best unnie-" I said, hugging her tight before we left the hall where we were eating go to the marquee where we danced.

Hyunjin, for the whole night, didn't leave my side which was very cute of my husband. I didn't play with my ring once, which shows how not nervous I was.

"I love you-" He whispered to me as we walked back to our car.

"And I love you too -" He said, stopping in front of me and touching my belly.

"We love you too-" I said, giggling.

It doesn't take much to make me laugh now that I've met Hyunjin. He's my Prince Charming.

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