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"What- what are you doing?!" I said loudly to Hyunjin as we stood in an empty hallway.

He let go of my hand and stared at me, not saying anything.

"YAH!" I shouted, and Hyunjin looked shocked.

"My brother was flirting with y-"

"I can handle myself, I'm an adult..." I argued though it was cute that he cared.

"I-" He started.

"You never told me you were. A prince, or getting married?!" I said, folding my arms. Hyunjin looked sad and apologetic.

"I wanted someone to treat me, not like royalty but like anormal person..." He said, "...and you did."

His eyes said it all, and when his arms wrapped around me, I didn't push him away like I thought I would.

"Don't let anyone flirt with you- except me." He said, putting his head into my hair as I stood awkwardly in his hug.

"Why- you're getting married. Stop trying to be with me-" I whined, and he let me out of the hug.

"I like you- don't you get it?"

"No. Because you don't talk to me for weeks, leaving me hanging after the lift thing, whatever the hell that was, how am I supposed to feel?" I said, feeling very annoyed.

"I didn't go further- but that doesn't mean I didn't want to." He said, holding my hand.

"So why not text me or talk to me after, no, you left me hanging for 3 weeks."

"I did text you-"

"No, I texted you first, you never texted me. Thanks Hyunjin-"

"It doesn't mean I don't like you!" He said, staring straight into my eyes, scaring me a little.

His thumb brushed over my bottom lip as the rest of his hand held up my head, and his other hand held mine, squeezing it slightly.

"Wh-" I began to ask a question when his lips pressed against mine. They were soft and warm. His hand moved around my head to the back where he pulled me in closer, deepening the kiss.
His hand which held mine, dropped my hand and went around my waist.
I was frozen as he kissed me, breaking away after what seemed like minutes.

"Does that-?" He begin to ask but my muscles were now working, and I kissed him.

It started off with a small peck but then moved into a more passionate make out session, our hands in each other's hair and our bodies up against each other so close, not even a piece of paper could fit between us.

We broke away from each other, my back up against the wall and our lips slightly sore and red.

"Hmm-" He hummed, kissing my cheeks, jaw and temple before letting go of me.

"Now you know-" He said, taking a deep breath.

"Shut up." I said, putting my hand to his lips and smiling before panting slightly.

"HYUNJIN-AH!" His brothers voice shouted down the longcorridor, and Hyunjin quickly pushed me inside a dark room, before he replied to his brother.

"YO! Where'd pretty Annie go?" His brother asked, and I could hear Hyunjin suck in air through his teeth.

"Do you like her?" He asked.

"She's pretty- an easy-" His brother, what a douche, started to say, but then there was loud thump.

I opened the door, to see what had happened.

"What's with you and punching people?!" I shouted at Hyunjin, seeing his brother holding his nose which was bleeding.

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