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"W- GET OFF ME!" I shouted, at the man who pushed me inside the back of the car, which was now following Hyunjin's car.

"Shut up lady-" Another man said from the front, I think he was the driver.

I looked out the window, though they were tinted and could see we were traveling through Seoul at high speed.

"The prince is going through the neighborhoods, it's too dangerous."

"Make sure the girl isn't going to leave- HE'S ON FOOT!"

The car abruptly stopped outside a karaoke bar in what seemed like Hongdae, and two men in the car with me got out, leaving just the driver.

I tried to move but I found the doors were locked and my hands were tied tight around my back.

"What's going on?" I asked to myself, the driver laughing a little.

"Your little boyfriend wasn't supposed to be out today- let alone with a commoner." He said, patronizingly.

What did he mean by commoner?

The car started moving quickly again and soon the two men were also back in the car.

"He's going back to the manor-"


"What do we do with the girl?"

"She's coming with us, she'll have to talk to the King."

The King?

The car, after twenty minutes, stopped outside a huge mansion and I was pulled out, my hands untied.

"Wh- woah." I said, looking around the grounds before one of the men held my head down.

"What am I doing here?" I asked but the three men didn't answer me and led me into the mansion.

The floors were clean, and the decor was old-fashioned fancy with a hint of modernism, in some furniture.

"Wh-" I was about to say when one of the three men put a hand over my mouth.

"Stop talking." He said, and I listened to him. Though I didn't want to, it was probably best if I shut up.

Soon a middle aged looking man, well, maybe he was 50, came into the room, the three men beside me automatically bowing.

I didn't know what to do so stood there awkwardly as the man gave me the evils.

The three men got up, before speaking to the man who was 10 meters away from us.

"Your majesty, this is the girl Prince Hwang as been caught with, she is a commoner." The driver said to him, he nodded.

"You three can leave." He said to the men, who immediately left me in the big room with a guy who was referred to as 'your majesty'.

"Sit." He said, pointing at the chair nearest to his armchair.

He sat down as I did, scoffing a little.

"What's your name?"

He was very harsh with his words, and his scowl showed me he did not like me at all.

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