Chapter 9: Stark Internship Boy and Spider-Man

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There isn't much to say.... except thank you. 

Thank you guys, all of you for reading my stories. You really are amazing. 


It was almost lunch as Drew opened her new locker. She looked to her side and there was the Stark Internship boy with another guy. She placed the books she didn't need in the locker then walked over to the boy.

"Hey" She said.

"H-Hi" The boy said awkwardly. "Can I h-help you?"

"No, I just heard that you're the guy who got something that involved Tony Stark?" Drew decided to play dumb.

"Oh, yeah that's me. I'm that guy." The boy said then an uncomfortable silence took place.

"So . . . what is it?" Drew asked.

"Well it's just. I help Mr. Stark around the-e building . . . . a-and stuff." The boy said.

"You do stuff... interesting . . ." Drew said with narrow eyes. "Anyways my name's Ru- D-Drew. My name's Drew Hudson."

"Oh you're the new girl" The other boy said. "I'm Ned Leeds by the way. But I have to ask how did you get in? It's in the middle of the school year. You can't just enroll. "

"Oh, it's just my dad has a lot of connections with people." Drew said and starched the back of her head. "He knows his way around people."

Ned frowned then looked at his friend. Doesn't look like they bought the story.

"Anyways. . . I'll leave you 2 now." Drew said. "Bye Ned and . . .?"

"It's Peter . . . P-Peter Parker." The boy said.

"Ok. See you around." Drew said and walked away from them to the cafeteria.


Ruby returned to her apartment after another adventure of trying to remember the way. She dropped her green bag to the ground and made her way to her ginormous kitchen. She didn't exactly know how to cook, so she just made a sandwich then went to her room. In her room, she found a package waiting for her. 

She frowned and picked up the package from her bed. She opened it and realized it was the phone Happy told her he would get her the other day. She placed the phone in her pocket and sigh. Well now what was she supposed to do. She made all of her homework in school.

After a few moments of doing nothing at all, she decided to go out and explore. She grabbed her keys and got out of her apartment.


Meanwhile, Peter Parker was on top of a building. He just got out of school and was in his Spider-Man suit. After school he would always go out and look for something fun to do. Last time he stopped a car that was about to crash into a bus.

As he jumped from building to building, he thought about the new girl. She seemed suspicious. When she first came to class she wouldn't talk about herself then when she told him her name she stuttered. It's not normal for someone to stutter when they say there name. Some people who use fake names almost always mess up, but undercover cop are almost the only people with fake names. But why would Drew have a fake name.

Peter Parker gasped and called Ned.

"NED!" He yelled into the phone.

"Peter, don't scream into the speakers!" Ned yelled back.

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