Chapter 13: The Explosion

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It's been about a month since Ruby moved from her old apartment. Tony rented her a small apartment which was not close to her school, so she had to take the subway. Her new apartment was not really big; in fact it was very tiny. It had 1 room with a bathroom and a small kitchen.

In these few weeks, Ruby found an after school job with Mr. Delmar with a pretty good profit; 10 dollars each hour of work. And she was still top of her classes which she didn't really care about. She finished the project with Peter and they both got an A+. There also was the academic decathlon team which she enjoyed. She even made friends with some people from the team, like Liz, Flash, and sometime she hangs out with a girl called Michelle through she was a bit weird.

Because of her new job, Ruby couldn't go out with Spider-Man as often as she used to. But fortunately, in these past few weeks, when she does hang out with Spider-Man people would recognize her. And because of her suit being silver, they started calling her A. G. Silver which grew on her a bit.

But sadly sometimes she would have to take nightshifts from Mr. Delmar to be able to eat the next meal, which only reminded her of the days she spent on the street. But at least she was safe, and that's what mattered to her at the moment.

It was one late night that got Ruby to do something other than her boring routine. She was working with Mr. Delmar in the sandwich shop when something happened that would change the way she thinks of her own body forever.

"Drew, it's getting late." Mr. Delmar said as she washed the dishes. "Why don't you go home and I can take this shift?"

"No, I'm fine. Really Mr. Delmar, I can do this." Drew said.

"Ok, just lock up after you're done-" but a crash interrupted him.

Mr. Delmar looked out of the window and saw from across the street Spider-Man fighting in the A.T.M. area. Drew looked at him with a frown as he picked up his phone and dialed 911.

"What's happening?" She asked and walked to the window.

"No, go to the back." Mr. Delmar stopped her. "Go!"

Drew shrugged and went to the back where there was the stove and the fridge. On the stove was a pan full of hot boiling oil that she avoided. She back up against the wall and wondered what was happening outside.

Then suddenly a beam of purple light exploded leaving Drew blind for a few seconds. Her body felt as if it had been smashed into a wall. When she opened her eyes again she saw ashes everywhere. Her head was throbbing and her vision was blurry as she tried to look around. As her sight started to cloud she heard a faint voice yelling over and over again, but somehow her own voice wasn't working.

"Is anybody in here?" She heard the voice get fainter and fainter. "Hello?"

Slowly her eyes started to fall until she finally passed out.


Peter found a couple of robberies in the bank and as he was fighting them, one of the men activated a gun and sent a beam of purple light everywhere. When the dust settled, Peter looked at the place where the beam hit and his eyes widened.

"Mr. Delmar." He said to himself and ran to the sandwich shop.

"Hey, Mr. Delmar are you in here? Is anybody in here?" Peter yelled. "Hello?"

After he found Mr. Delmar and his cat, he got them out.

"Drew!" Mr. Delmar yelled from the outside of the shop, hoping Drew would hear him. "D-Drew! Spider-Man there's still someone in there."

"Oh god." Peter said and ran into the burning shop.

He ran farther inside and finally found Drew, who was unconscious on the kitchen fall. When he tried to pick her up he realized that there was a block of bricks covering her right hand. He lifted it up and discovered the she had multiple burns on her hand which would not be easy to get rid of. He quickly picked her up and got out.

"What happened to her?" Mr. Delmar asked with concern.

"She has burns on her hand and I think she inhaled too much smoke." Peter said. "I need to get her to a hospital."

Peter quickly swung from building to building with Drew in his hands. When he finally found a hospital, he dropped gentle and told the nurse what the problem was. After the doctors came and took Drew to the emergency room, Peter left with a heavy heart. He couldn't stop worrying about his classmate. 


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