Chapter 16: IDK

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this will be a short chapter. 



"Umm....Hi dad." Ruby said in a small voice as she deactivated her mask and took her glasses off.

"Hi dad?!?" Tony yelled. "You could've been killed and all I get is a hi dad?!"

"What did you want me to do?" Ruby said in a higher voice. "That guy with the claws, who took me thousands of feet in the air, is the source of the high tech weapons!"

"There are people who handle this kind of stuff." Tony said. "Why do you have to be involved? And what you're doing behind my back is unacceptable. I'm trying to keep you safe and you go jumping around trying to be a hero?"

"It's not like that. I have been listening to you, and I have done nothing for the past month. But even though I do nothing stuff still happens." She said angrily and ripped off her right hand glove to show him the burn marks. "That guy is responsible for this. If this is what's happening in this town, so why can't I get rid of him? Why can't I take him down so that bad people won't have too much power?"

"I...I'm sorry for what happened to you, I've heard about it-"Tony said softly

"Then why didn't you come? Why didn't you come to the hospital when I needed you?" Ruby yelled angrily

"Look, Ruby. I tried not to make any connections between you and me, because what would people do we they saw me with a random girl from Queens. And by the way, worrying about the streets of this town isn't your job. Ok?" Tony said

"But why-"Ruby whined

"Cause I said so!" Tony yelled

"Are kidding me!-"Ruby yelled

"No, I'm adulting you" Tony yelled back. "Now give me those glasses. And if you didn't know it already, you're grounded."

Tony flew down to Ruby and took her glasses. Ruby got up from the swings and started to walk a bit until she felt some pain on her side. She looks down and sees a small stab wound. She forgot the stab she got from the fall. She held her stomach and the action did not go unnoticed by Tony.

He walks to her and kneels in front of her to reach her height. He tries to look at the stab wound, but Ruby pulls away.

"What happened to your stomach?" Tony asked with concern. "Are you injured?"

"No, I'm just....uhhh...lightly stabbed?" Ruby shrugged

"I'm sorry- YOU WERE STABBED?" Tony yelled

"Lightly stabbed, and it's nothing. You don't have to worry." Ruby said dryly and slowly walked away from Tony.

"I- what even- how?" Tony stuttered and grabbed Ruby from the arm. "Ruby, you need medical attention."

"No, I don't. That stab was a normal stab. I'm gonna heal in an hour or 2." Ruby said.

"What do you mean? A normal stab? Is there anything other than a normal stab?!?" Tony asked.

Ruby sighs and looks at Tony. "Well a few memories came back to me and I realized that I only get hurt from heat. It's really complicated and I don't want to talk about it."

Ruby started to walk away again, but realized that her rocket boots were slowing her down. She took them off with sad eyes and tried to figure out how to fix them. As she was looking at them Tony spoke.

"What you got there?" he asked and took one of the boots of the ground.

"I made these to help me in fighting because you locked me powers." Ruby said, dropped her boots and stood up again. "Well, these are unfixable and I need to go now."

Just when she started walking away again Tony spoke again.

"Is there anything else I should know about?" He asked.

"Ugh, what do you want?" Ruby said and faced him.

"I want those vibranium shields you got on your sleeves." Tony said while crossing his arms in front of him.

"How...did you...know?" Ruby asked

"I know because F.r.i.d.a.y. told me, now come on give it to me." Tony demanded.

Ruby slowly took off her technology that was on her arms and gave them to Tony.

"You happy now?" Ruby asked bitterly

"Thrilled." Tony replied and was about to fly away.

"Hey, wait!" Ruby called and Tony looked at her. "How did you find me?"

"I put a tracker in Peter's- Spider-Man's suit" Tony said

"You made him that suit?" Ruby yelled

"Yeah I did..." Tony said. "What? Is there a problem? Are you jealous?

"You know damn well I am" Ruby yelled. "You gave a random boy a suit, probably worth billions of dollars, and not me?"

"You're no ready for it-"Tony said

"But Steve thought I was." Ruby argued

"Trust me Rubes, if Cap wanted to lay you out he would've. And if you come across these weapons again call Happy." Tony said and fell a couple of feet in the air. "And you know what; it's never too early to start thinking about collage. End call"

After he said that F.r.i.d.a.y. spoke.

"Mr. Stark is no longer contacted." F.r.i.d.a.y. said and took off into the air with Ruby's rocket boot, her vibranium shields, and her mask.


Ruby sighed and started to walked back to her apartment when her wrist band lit up. She held it to her mouth and spoke into it.

"Spidey?" She asked

"Hello? Ruby are you there?" Peter's voice came out of the band. "What happened?"

"I...well, it's doesn't look like I'll be able to meet up with you any time soon." Ruby said then sighed. "My dick of a dad took away my stuff."

"He took away your stuff?" Peter asked. "Like everything? Even your mask?"

"Yeah....and apparently I'm grounded now..." Ruby said. "So that's new."

"What-What are you gonna do?" He asked

"I don't know...maybe I'll make a new mask or something..." Ruby shrugged. "But if you find anything new, you call me."

"Umm..well about you remember that gun that flew out of the van as we chased it?" Peter asked

"Oh my god! Tell me you found it!?!" Ruby yelled

"I did. It's with me right now." Peter said

"Where are you- I'll come right over-...." Ruby said excitingly then her voice went down. "Wait...I don't have my mask....whatever."

"Ruby? You ok?" Peter asked

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine. Ok listen up Spider-Man. If you find out anything, and I mean anything, you tell me." Ruby demanded.

"Yeah of course. I got you." Peter said and ended the call.

Ruby smiled to herself and started to walk again to her apartment with somewhat mixed feelings.


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