Chapter 8: Queens and School

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Important note: So everything that's happening in this and the next maybe 2 chapters are before the events of Spider-Man Homecoming!!!

The picture above is Ruby in her new disguise.


The next day, Ruby woke up and packed anything she can from her room. She wore jeans and a pain t-shirt as her new blonde hair lied on her shoulders. She pulled her bag on her shoulders and walked to the kitchen where she found Tony drinking his morning coffee. She dropped her bag on the ground and went to make herself cereal.

"So . . . now that I have a secret life and everything." Ruby scorned as she ate her breakfast. "Don't you think I'll need a new identity? The name 'Ruby Stark' gives me away."

"Of course you have a new identity. You'll be called Drew Hudson." Tony said. "I'll be Author Hudson and if anyone asks you about your mother you tell them that she was called Francine and she left you when you were a child. Anymore questions?"

"Uhh . . .no I didn't think so." Ruby said. "Well expect that I need everything you just said in a paper."

"Sure" Tony said and wrote down the names then gave her the piece of paper.

Ruby put the paper in her pocket then placed her blow in the sink. She went back to the table and picked up her bag.

"So when are we leaving?" She asked Tony as he took a sip from his coffee.

"You're leaving right now." Tony said. "Happy's waiting for you outside."

"Wait . . . so you're not coming with me?" Ruby asked sorrowfully.

"Here's the deal, Rubes." Tony said and placed an arm on her shoulders. "Even after whatever that happened this past month; I still have a company to run. I'll visit you from time to time, but I'll be super busy because I'm moving the Avengers Tower upstate."

"But you'll come as Author Hudson when there's a parents-teachers conference" Ruby said as they walked towards the door. "Right?"

"Well about that, I'll not gonna be Author Hudson." Tony said. "One of my men, he's called Joe Brown. He'll pretend to be Drew's father."

Ruby huffed and walked towards the car where Happy was waiting. She got inside and barley faced Tony when he said good bye. As Happy started to drive, Ruby looked at of the window. When the Avengers Building got too far to look at, Ruby felt something. She felt something she had not felt for a very long time. Alone. Mentally not physically. She felt as if she had to walk this world alone all over again. No one there to check on her. No one . . .

The trip to Queens was really far, but the soft melody that was playing in the car helped distract Ruby. In the middle of the trip Happy told her about her apartment and gave her the keys which she later put in her bag. After more than half an hour they finally arrived at the building. Ruby got out of the car and stood in front of it with her bag on her shoulders. When she was about to enter the building Happy spoke.

"Hey, kid!"

"Yeah" Ruby said and turned to face him.

"If anything happens you call me. Now that you and the other boy are here I'm in charge of both of you." Happy said as she rolled her eyes. "You do have my number. Don't you?"

"Last time I checked, I need to have a phone to actually call someone" Ruby replied

"You don't have a phone?!" Happy asked and Ruby nodded. "God! Ok I'll get you one tomorrow."

After he said that he zoomed out of the road leaving Ruby alone.

"Bye?" Ruby said quietly to herself, then entered the building

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