Chapter 6: Assassin's Project

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Picture above is young Ruby. 


"Get up!" a voice screamed at her.

Subject E305 slowly got up from a tiny bed. She looked up at the person who woke her up and it was, Sir. In HYDRA they never told her their names they just told her to call them Sir or Ma'am. But this Sir was in charge to wake her up and make sure she doesn't try to run away, then get her back to her room. He had blonde hair with dark green eyes which made her shiver whenever she looked at him. She rubbed her eyes as the blond Sir yelled at her to get ready for the day.

Subject E305 walked to the little sink and washed her face then looked at the mirror. She saw a young child, not older than 6. She had brown mid length hair with light honey eyes. It's been 4 years with the same routine she had. 4 years. Same things, same ways, same everything. And it went like this:

1) Wake up

2) Get dressed

3) Walk to the labs with Sir

4) Get needles in my skin

5) Go back to my room and eat my dinner

6) Walk to the labs again

7) Get needle in my skin again

8) Go back to my room

9) Get ready for bed

10) Sleep

4 years with the same boring and painfully routine. But now everything's going to change. Now was the time for HYDRA to put their really plan into action. It was time to use Subject E305 in more ways they could possibly imagine.

Before she was able to change from her pajamas the blonde Sir grabbed her from her arm and pulled her with him. She tried to pull away but she was only a child.

"No. I need to wear my clothes, Sir-" She said but was suddenly slapped in the face.

"DON'T SPEAK UNLESS YOU'RE SPOKEN TO!" Sir yelled at her as she held her burning cheek.

"Yes Sir" She said quietly as tears streamed down her face.

She walked beside Sir as he led her to an unfamiliar hall. As they walked Sir held her arm tighter than he should and she was sure after he lets go there will be some bruises.

They came to a stop in front of 2 heavy and electric metal doors. The doors opened automatically and Subject E305 was push into the room. She looked behind her and saw the doors close again with the blonde Sir behind them. She tried to walk through the doors again but they didn't open. Then she tried again but nothing happened. Then again and again and again, but nothing. Tears were streaming down her face as she tried harder and harder.

"That won't work" a voice with a Russian accent said from behind her.

She turned and saw a man with the darkest pair of eyes she had ever seen. The man was standing next to a table which had chains locked on it.

"Mistake." Subject E305 said. "They made a mistake . . . Sir"

"Oh please, don't call me that." The man said with a fake sweet voice. " Call me . . . Let's see ...Call me Mischa"

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