Chapter 15: Partying Leads to Disasters

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Ok, so i know, I know. I haven't been posting a lot at all on this story, but I've already warned that this story could be uncompleted, so sorry :(


A few days passed and Ruby was finally allowed to go to school again. Her right hand heal pretty fast and she was able to do anything she wants, but unfortunately there were still a lot of burn marks and they looked like they wouldn't go any time soon.

In these few days, Ruby thought about the accident and she thought hard. The explosion that happened at Mr. Delmar's shop was not normal. And even though she didn't really see what happened she was pretty sure Spider-Man was there. And if Spider-Man was there and he couldn't stop whoever he was fighting then something big is happening. So she made a mental note to go and talk to him.

It was gym class and the students were on the benches and listening to Captain America from a really old T.V.

"Hi, I'm Captain America. Whether you're in a classroom...." The T.V. said.

"Hey." A whisper said into Drew's ear.

Drew turned and saw Flash. She smiled and asked what he wanted.

"What happened to your hand?" he asked and looked at her hand weirdly.

"Oh I got this when I fought with the Avengers against an army of alien robots." She said sarcastically.

Flash just looked at her with a raised eyebrow and a small smile.

"Ok, ok. I was working in Mr. Delmar's shop and.....suddenly an explosion happened" Drew whispered.

"Oh. . . ok. Does still hurt?"  Flash asked with concern.

"Don't worry. It feels fine." She said. "Here if you want me to prove it, I challenge you to climb the ropes. And whoever climbs up and get down first wins."

Flash thought for a moment and smirked. He looked at Drew and held up his hand.

"Challenge accepted." He said and they shook hands.

After Captain America ended his speech about safety and stuff, the coach blew his whistle and the class began. Drew and Flash ran to the ropes and held on. They looked at each other and started to count.

"3 . . . 2 . . . 1!" They both said and raced to the top of the ropes.

Drew reached the top as Flash was only half way there. She let out a laugh and looked down at Flash.

"Hey! Flash!" She yelled at him and he looked up with a scorn. "Looks like you'll always be looking up to me and I'll be looking down to you."

She started to climb down and when she reached Flash he looked at her and said with laugh.

"F you, Drew." He said and struggle as he climbed down too.

Suddenly as Drew and Flash where climbing down, Ned yelled something that made the whole gym go silent.

"Peter knows Spider-Man!" He yelled.

Drew dropped to the ground and narrowed her eyes at Peter. Peter looked at Liz with a pale face and tried to explain how he knew Spider-Man.

"No I don't-" Peter said

"They're friends" Ned interrupted.

Flash dropped next to Drew and said. "Yeah like Coach Wilson and Captain America are friends"

Drew hit him in the ribs with her elbow and said. "I'm sorry about him. He's just cranky cause he lost a challenge. But please continue. How do you know Spider-Man?"

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