Chapter 1: The Gift

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Tony eventually pulled over in front of the Avengers building causing Ruby to be pulled out of her thoughts. Tony got out of the car without even giving Ruby a second glace. Ruby looked over at the building and sighed. She pulled her black hoodie over her head and her bag on her shoulder then got out.

Tony led Ruby to the room she slept in the other nights then left her without saying a word. Ruby went into the room and sat on the bed. She looked around and threw her bag on the ground. Now her friends are probably in a high security prison in the middle of nowhere and her dad is helping her hide from society.

"Great..." She said sadly and fell into the bed.

She closed her eyes and stayed that way for a few minutes before Tony came in. He saw her lying on the bed so he sat next to her on the edge of it.

"Ruby..." Tony started

"What could you possibly want this time?" Ruby complained playfully and Tony chuckled a bit. "Gosh..."

"Something came from the mail" Tony said. "It's from Bucky"

Once he said that, Ruby jumped from the bed and sat next to him.

"What is it?" She asked

"I don't know, kid" Tony said and showed her a small box. "I didn't open the box"

Ruby's face quickly light up at the sight of the box. Well at lets they didn't forget her. She took the box from Tony with trembling hands and opened it slowly. Inside the box was a letter. 


I miss you already. I wish I had more time to get to know the new you better, but I guess that'll have to wait. I can see that you have grown to be a strong woman and I hope I'll get to see you before you grow old. I'll have to go under ice again because everything HYDRA had planted in me is still there. You might not remember this but a long time ago I gave you something. I gave you my mask on your 3 year at HYDRA. You were 5 at that time. I hope we see each other before it's too late.

James Buchanan Barnes.

Tears started to cloud Ruby's vision. She looked at the box on her bed and pulled out what Bucky left her. She turned the black mask in her hands as tears fell from her eyes.

"W-What's wrong?" Tony asked

"Bucky's going under ice..." Ruby whispered and wiped her tears. "I'm never going to see him a-again...."

"Don't say that, Ruby" Tony said and wrapped an arm around her. "I'm sure Steve will come over and take you to Bucky soon"

They sat like that for a few minutes before Ruby spoke again.


"Hmm" Tony replied.

"Now that I'm calling you 'dad', does it mean I'll have to call Rhodes, 'Uncle Rhodes'?" Ruby asked amusingly trying to light up the dark mood.

"Uncle Rhodes?" Tony chuckled softy. "Of course, kid. You could call him that if you want to. But now get some rest. Tomorrow will be a big day."

"Tomorrow?" Ruby asked as Tony got off of the bed. "But why? What's gonna happen tomorrow?"

"It's a surprise" Tony said as he walked to the door. "Don't forget. Get your rest. You'll need it."

and Tony closed the door after getting out."Ok, dad" Ruby said.


Really short chapter, sorry.

But there will be a lot more. Trust me.

Word Count: 600




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