In London

Trevor Henderson stood at his motorcycle nervously. His brain was filled with uneasy thoughts and he felt tension grow in his body. He couldn't stop pondering about his father and what his intentions are with Raymond and Trinity. Trevor's father is known for lying to people and he isn't afraid to admit that.

It was currently 6 o'clock in the morning. Martin instructed his son to leave at dawn because Raymond would be arriving a few hours subsequent to that. Trevor knew Trinity would be safe from his dad but Raymond was vulnerable unfortunately and his father is very clever.


Trevor snapped back into reality once he heard a random car horn. He shook his head removing the thoughts from his brain and got onto his motorcycle. He put on his helmet and started up the engine.

He took one last glance at his house before driving off towards his destination. A piece of him broke on the inside because his father didn't bother to wake up to say goodbye to his own son.

Two Hours Later

With Trinity

Trinity spent the majority of her morning packing up the supplies she will need for her trip. She was determined to find her mother even if it meant she would be harmed along the way. Trinity knew she couldn't do it alone, but she didn't know anybody that could assist her in this journey.

Trinity didn't know how long it would take to get to the Caribbean Sea but her determination to find her mother will keep her positive motivation alive. Erika died when Trinity was only six years old but the photo her father keeps on his desk helps Trinity remember what she looks like.

Trinity smiled faintly at the last family photo they took before the chemical incident and gently placed it in her duffel bag.

Her eyes wandered to the clock on the wall and it was eight 'o' clock in the morning. Trinity knew she had to be more prepared to start her journey so she decided to postpone it and start it tomorrow morning.

"Where is the Caribbean Sea?" Trinity suddenly asked herself. She went over to her fathers' computer to find an answer. She typed in the 'Caribbean Sea' and a bunch of results popped up. She carefully read the first result. "The Caribbean Sea is a sea of the Atlantic Ocean in the tropics of the Western Atmosphere."

Trinity nodded with understanding. "How helpful."

She rolled her green eyes and scrolled down the results page. She stopped when she saw the word 'Cuba' and remembered what Erika said.

"Cuba? She said she is near Cuba." Trinity stated. "But that could be anywhere in that specific part of the Caribbean."

Trinity didn't want to get frustrated and closed out the webpage. She moved away from the computer and headed upstairs with her duffel bag in her arms.

Once she made it upstairs, her eyes found their way to the window and it was no longer sunny. Trinity walked up to the window and stared up at the sky. Dark clouds had rolled in and trees were swaying along with the wind that had just started.

Trinity felt relief rush through her body knowing she had put her journey off until tomorrow.

Small droplets of water began to hit the window and the sky crackled with thunder.

"I hope another tornado doesn't form," Trinity muttered leaning against the wall.

The area Trinity and Raymond live in has frequent tornadoes. Fortunately, they aren't strong enough to take anything with it besides small objects like rocks and branches.

The storm gradually got stronger and it began to pour. Thunder and lightning crackled in the atmosphere every few seconds and the wind speed got more intense.

Trinity loved watching nature do its job. Anything to do with nature or science brought joy to her and she loved learning about it when she was young. Just like her parents, Trinity was fascinated with science.

The young girl's eyes watched as the droplets hit the window and travel down it. When she was little, she would pretend the raindrops were racing one another until they hit the bottom. It's the little things that excited her.

With Trevor

The English boy drove in the heavy rainfall with drenched clothes and a glum expression.

"Stupid rain!" He exclaimed.

Not caring if he would skid or slip, Trevor sped up in hopes of getting to his destination quicker.

Back with Trinity

The rest of the day for Trinity wasn't interesting for her. The storm hadn't changed or moved at the slightest. The young female took it easy and spent all of her time resting up for her journey tomorrow.

Trinity enjoyed hearing the sound of rain hit the roof of the cabin. It brings peace to Trinity's mind despite the thunder that roared in the sky. As time passed, Trinity fell into a deep sleep.

Trinity woke up about three hours later and the storm hadn't changed or passed by. The young girl sat up and rubbed her weary eyeballs and checked the time; it was just a little past noon.

She yawned and looked out the window to find the same weather as before. She stood up and wandered into the kitchen to have coffee. Trinity doesn't have coffee often because her father doesn't let her, but he isn't here at the moment.

Trinity turned on the coffee maker and got out a mug. As she waited patiently for the coffee to brew, she spotted the telephone on the wall. She went up to it and thought for a moment before she dialed her father's phone number.

She waited for him to pick up but it went to voice mail. She lightly sighed, hanging up and went back over to the coffee maker. The coffee had finished brewing and had successfully poured into the mug.

Trinity went over to the small refrigerator and got out hazelnut creamer. She poured a tiny amount into it and put the creamer away. She stirred the coffee until it turned into a light tan shade.

Trinity drank her coffee in silence. The thunderstorm was the only noise she could hear and it made her feel calm on the inside.

Knock Knock

The sudden sound made Trinity jump. Her eyes went wide out of confusion and fear.

"The hell?" She asked and put her mug on the counter. She swiftly pulled out a knife from the cabinet and quietly approached the door.

Nobody has ever knocked on the door. She knew it wasn't her father because he would've unlocked it and walked it.

Trinity gazed at the wooden door and swallowed nervously.

"Who is it?"

Trinity was to quiet for the other person to hear so she didn't get a response.

She exhaled and slowly opened to door. On the other side, stood a young boy with brown hair and brown eyes.

Trinity lowered the knife and stood straight up, still alarmed.

"Who are you?" She asked. "And how did you find me?"

Trinity didn't care if it was pouring and the boy was soaked.

"My name is Trevor Henderson."

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