Trinity's Dream

"Mommy! Come play with me!" I called out to my mother. I was playing outside in my sandbox, building sandcastles.

"Just a second, sweetheart!" I heard my mother shout from somewhere inside the house. I put my shovel and pail down on the sand and rose to my feet. I jogged toward my house and went inside to check with my mother.

"Mommy!" I exclaimed, glancing around the room. No response.

I went down the hallway and checked my parents' room. "Mommy?"

No response.

My face fell but I continued to check the house. I searched the living room, my bedroom, the garage, the bathroom, but she wasn't present.

I was frightened. My mother wasn't here, which is strange because she responded to me when I was outside.

"Mommy!" I cried out, panicking. I returned to the back door and spotted something unusual outside. The sky was no longer blue, it was a swampy, greenish color.

I had no time to panic or freak out. I needed to find my mother or father.

"Trinity." I spun around to see my mother. She seemed relieved to find me.

I ran into her arms and she sighed with relief. "I'm sorry, sweetie. My boss wouldn't let me hang up the call."

I wasn't smiling at this moment, instead, I was petrified because of what was happening to the sky.

"What's happening outside, mommy?" I questioned her, leaving her tight embrace. My mother looked over my head and her eyes slowly grew wide.

"Oh no." She mumbled.

"What's wrong?" I asked her and she stood straight up. My mother didn't reply and just went towards the door.

I followed her and grabbed her thigh in fear. The sky became darker and darker by the second.

"Mommy?" I glanced up.

"We need to hide." She stated, firmly. "Now!"

My mother picked me up and sprinted out of the kitchen. I gripped her shirt tightly and began to sob.

"It's okay, sweetie. Nobody will hurt you." My mother assured me and opened the door to the basement of the house.

She locked the door, shut the windows, and lit a small lantern. She sat down and hold me close in her arms. My entire body was shaking in fear and I could feel my heart rate gradually getting faster; tears trickled down my face.

"What's hap-happening?" I asked my mother.

"Something I feared would happen." My mother informed. "They're coming."

"Who's coming?" I asked.

Suddenly, an alarm began to blare. I screamed in fear and grabbed my mother's shoulder.

My mother tightened her grip and shushed me. "Don't scream, Trin."

I heard footsteps upstairs and gasped. "Who's that?"

"They're here." My mother stated with terror. Mother put me down next to her and she rose to her feet. "Stay here, Trinity."

"What are you doing?" I questioned my mother.

"Protecting you." My mother sternly replied. She bent down to my level and kissed my forehead. "I love you, Trinity."

I wiped my eyes, feeling bewildered. "I love you too, mommy."

My mother's eyes welled up with tears and she gave me a soft smiled before walking away.

I walked to the bottom of the stairs and saw her unlock the door. She took one last breath before exiting the basement. Moments later, I heard a loud shriek and glass breaking.

End of Dream

I shot up, breathing heavily and shaking vigorously. I checked my surroundings and sighed with relief.

"It was just a dream."

I rubbed my weary eyes and reached up to open my window. The sun was shining and the birds were chirping, cheerfully.

My body didn't feel like getting up so I laid back down on my bed. I gazed up at the ceiling, thinking about the recurring dream I have.

I keep having the same exact dream almost every night but I always wake up at the exact moment. I need to figure out why I keep having it. It's obvious it happened because I remember it occurring in real life, but I don't remember what happened after my mother left the basement.

Yes, she died, but how did she die? Was it the chemical, Typhonic, that killed her or was it something different?

I shook my head and sat up straight. I decided to let that thought go for now and have breakfast. I stretched my arms and yawned before exiting my room.

I sauntered into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bread. I put it in the toaster and waited patiently for it to pop up.

"Where's my dad?" I mumbled to myself and strolled over to the stairs to check if he was in his laboratory. The light wasn't on in the lab, but the door was open. He never leaves the door open when he isn't in there.

My curiosity got the best of me and I made my way downstairs. I successfully made it down without making too much sound and looked into the laboratory.

The lights weren't on, but a computer was. I checked upstairs and father wasn't present. I hastily made my way into the lab and slowly approached the monitor. I sat down on the stool and stared at it with confusion.

"Why so many files?"

My eyes wandered over the screen until I spotted an interesting file that stood out over the rest.

'Trevor Henderson.'

This must've been the man my father was talking to over the phone. I clicked on the file and a bunch of information about Trevor popped up. It was pretty basic information on a normal person and nothing seemed unusual about him. I scrolled through the file until I found something that I thought would cure my curiosity on this man.

Son of the creator of the chemical, Typhonic.

I gasped, shocked. "What?"

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