(The picture above is the Opal ring)

Last night, I was thinking of bringing the opal ring to my father and asking him about it. He should know what it is because he is the one who bought it for my mother.

Another idea I had, was bringing my father outside and showing him the wedding ring. Taking the ring from the forest may disturb it and I don't want that happening. Who knows what might occur if the ring was stolen from its home.

Due to the fact I was up all night thinking about the ring, I didn't get much sleep. It was 6:00 A.M and my father usually wakes up around eight o'clock or nine. I was exhausted but couldn't find the will to go back to sleep.

Lazily, I emerged from my bedroom and went into the kitchen because I had nothing better to do. I opened the window and gazed at the forest that was in the distance. Until a few days ago, I never noticed it was there and I've been living here since I was a young girl.

I got anxious and decided to visit the forest. I wanted to see what would happen if I took the ring. I left my cabin and headed toward the strange forest. I was determined to figure out why my mother's wedding ring was in the forest and see if my father remembers it.

I hastily approached the forest and went up to the pedestal with the opal ring displayed on it. I gently grabbed the ring with two of my fingers and removed it from the pedestal. Suddenly, the pedestal submerged underground and the leaves surrounding me covered the remains of the pedestal. Before anything else could occur, I quickly made my way back home. The ring was glowing in the sunlight and gave off an unusual aroma.

When I got back home, I went to my room to check out the ring before informing my father about it. Without hesitation, I slid the ring onto my ring finger and it fit perfectly. I gazed at it for a moment before something strange happened; it began to beep.

"Shit!" I mumbled and peeked my head outside my room to make sure my father didn't hear. I sighed with relief and shut my door, glad he wasn't there. The beeping continued for a good thirty seconds until it abruptly stopped.

Out of nowhere, a hologram of a woman popped up. I gasped, covering the ring with my other hand.

"Hello, this a video message that I am recording for my daughter to see in the future."

I slowly removed my hand and the hologram appeared again. The woman was wearing a lab coat and had light brown hair; she looked familiar.

"My name is Erika Thompson and I helped create the chemical Typhonic."

I was speechless. Erika is the name of my mother and she specifically told me she wasn't a scientist and wanted nothing to do with it.

The hologram continued on.

"I had no idea that the chemical would become harmful to females. It was meant to cure anyone who was affected by Encephalopathy, not kill them. I made a terrible mistake and will not be around to repair it. I'm counting on you, Trinity, to fix this error I made in the chemical and save the world. No pressure!"

I paused the hologram and shook my head in disbelief.

"I can't believe my own mother lied to me. Why didn't she just tell me?" I muttered to myself.

My thoughts were cut off when I heard a knock on my door.

"Trinity? I know you're awake, I can hear you."

Panicking, I attempted to take the ring off, but it wouldn't budge. I gave it a confused look, but shrugged it off and opened the door.

My father was standing on the other side and he was in a fancy suit for some odd reason.

"Yes, father?" I grinned at him, hiding my hands behind my lower back.

"I have something I need to tell you and it's crucial that you know." My father informed me, before motioning me to follow him.

I didn't respond and followed him into the kitchen. Laying on the kitchen table was a letter.

My father sat down at the table and I sat next to him. I examined the letter closely as my father spoke to me.

"I received this letter from Trevor's father this morning and he wants to have a meeting with me in London."

I turned to my father and gave him a suspicious look. "Why does he want to have a meeting with you?"

My father gestured to the letter and pointed to a section in it. "It says here: 'I want to discuss a way to cure the chemical, Typhonic; I may have a cure for it."

I felt very uneasy about this but nodded my head in understanding.

"So, how long will you be gone?" I asked.

"A week." He replied, rolling the letter up.

I was surprised by his response.

"A week? That seems a little long for a meeting."

He rose to his feet and put the letter in his briefcase.

"Martin said that, not me." My father told me.

"Who's Martin?" I asked, standing up from the table.

"Trevor's father." My father informed.

"Ahh." I nodded and noticed my father walk downstairs into his lab. I followed him slowly. "When are you leaving?"

"In a few minutes." His voice echoed through the lab and I froze.

"You didn't even bother discussing this with me earlier? You decided on your own." I asked him feeling hurt. I felt sorrow fill up my body and went into the laboratory.

"It was a last minute thing, Trinity. Martin wants me to leave as soon as possible." My father explained, packing some of his science supplies and laptop.

"But I'm your daughter." I protested. "Don't you care about me more than this?"

My father paused and I heard him sigh. "Yes, but I couldn't say no to this, I'm sorry."

I hung my head, sadly. "Alright, have a safe trip, father."

"Thank you, Trinity." My father said and I slowly looked up at him. He hugged me softly before walking upstairs.

"Not even an 'I love you,'" I muttered, feeling my voice crack. I trailed behind my father up the stairs and saw him picking up his luggage.

"Bye father." I weakly smiled at my father who returned a smile.

"Bye, darling." He waved. "I'll be back before you know it."

He walked out the front door and I strolled behind him. I stood at the doorway and felt the breeze go through my brown hair. He got into his car and shut the car door and his eyes met mine.

I gave him one last wave and he gave me a soft smile, before driving off into the distance.

I watched his car drive down the dirt road before returning inside the cabin. I leaned against the door and shut my eyes for a moment. A tear formed in my eye and it trickled down my soft cheek.

I breathed out and opened my eyes. I wiped the tear away and took a look at the ring on my finger. I needed to finish watching the hologram video and fulfill my mother's last wish on curing Encephalopathy and stopping Typhonic from spreading all over the world.

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