Trinity's POV

I was sitting at the dinner table waiting for my father to come upstairs. He was still gathering information about the chemical that killed women all over the world. I never understood why he is researching it, nobody will find out why it killed females.

I sighed softly and rose to my feet. It was dinner time and as usual, my father has not ascended from downstairs for supper. I wait patiently for at least an hour, but I usually lose hope after a while.

I placed my empty plate in the sink and left my father's now cold meatloaf on the dinner table. He will eventually eat it, but I never see him do so.

All he cares about is that stupid chemical stuff. He cares more about that than his own daughter. Sometimes I wish that chemical killed me.

Of course, I know my father is just protecting me from everything that could potentially harm me. So, at least he somewhat cares about me.

"Another night of eating alone." I sighed to myself and closed the kitchen window. My father uses most of the electricity for his laboratory downstairs, so everything else lacks power. The windows are the only light source we have upstairs because my father is selfish.

Selfish isn't the correct term but I use it anyway. I don't understand why he can't take at least half an hour out of his day to spend time with his daughter, because to my knowledge I'm the only human that he can physically communicate with.

I slowly left the kitchen to go to my bedroom to get changed for bed. My room was rather small, like the rest of the cabin. It included a twin sized bed, a dresser, a nightstand, a few small shelves, and one window. It's tiny but cozy and it fits me perfectly.

I shut my door and went over to my dresser to grab my pajamas. I hastily changed clothes before headed to the bathroom to brush my teeth.

I immediately paused in the middle of the hallway when I saw my father talking on the telephone. I scurried to the bathroom without making a sound and eavesdropped on his conversation that best I could.

"Trevor, the chemical is almost impossible to crack. Without a test subject of some sort, we can't extend our research." My father explained on the phone.

Moments later, my father responded again. "Trinity? No way, she's my daughter, not a test subject."

"Now he cares," I muttered to myself

"Trevor, you're the only one who knows she still exists, we can't risk losing her. The world needs her alive if we're gonna restore it." My father informed the person on the phone. He listened intently before rubbing his forehead.

"I don't know, just find a smaller test subject. Trinity will be our last resort if we have too. Bye Trevor." Seconds later, my father ended the call and placed his phone down on the dinner table. He rested his hands on the table and hung his head, sorrowfully.

I was debating on whether or not I should try to talk with him or just go to bed. He seemed pretty upset at the moment and that usually means he doesn't want to talk.

"Trinity, I know you're out here." My father suddenly spoke.

My eyes grew wide and I peeked my head out the bathroom door.

"How did you know?" I asked.

"I saw you run across the hallway, darling." My father informed with a small grin forming on his face.

I emerged from the bathroom and gave him a sheepish smile. "Sorry."

He waved it off and approached me. "I should be sorry. I got caught up with trying to crack the chemical that killed-"

"Females, I know." I cut him off, already knowing what he was going to say.

The room became silent. I glanced around, rocking back and forth on my feet. The only sound that was heard in the house was the ticking of the clock. It was awkward, which is something I despise.

My eyes found my father and he was staring right at me. I didn't like it and decided to break the silence.

"Who's Trevor?"

My father blinked and shook his head.

"Nobody important."

I folded my arms, not convinced. "He sounded pretty important to me."

"Trinity, I'm not in the mood to talk about this. Go to bed please." My father told me, gesturing to my bedroom.

I narrowed my eyebrows. "But dad, I want to know who-"

"Trinity Ann Thompson." My father sternly said. "Go to bed, young lady."

I became quiet and just nodded. I knew not to push my fathers' buttons.

I turned on my heels and went to my bedroom without saying another word.


So, the first few chapters of this story will be shorter. Longer chapters will happen once the story progresses further. I'm still trying to figure out ideas for this story, but I hope you enjoyed it.

Question: Can you guess who Trevor is? (Even I don't know who he truly is, so maybe you can help me with that)

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