Chapter 5

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In London

Third Person Point of View

"Dad, you can't keep this from Raymond and Trinity. They deserve to know the truth." A teenage boy told his father. The young boy had short, brown hair and a British accent.

The older man sighed at his son and placed a hand on his shoulder. "If they found out, I would lose Raymond's trust. I can't let that happen."

"But dad-"

"Trevor, that's enough!" The man interrupted, causing his son to startle. The man calmed down and lowered his voice. "I need you to do a favor for me."

"What is it?" Trevor asked, giving his dad an uneasy expression.

"Since Raymond will be here for the week, I need you to be with Trinity for the week."

With Trinity

Trinity's POV

I was currently in my father's laboratory trying to figure out all the secrets about the opal ring. There were no buttons or anything unusual about it that I could physically see. It looked like a normal wedding ring. Even using a microscope didn't reveal anything, it just showed me how dirty the ring truly is.

I sat at the table and fiddled with the opal ring. My eyes were locked onto the piece of jewelry; it was the only thing I was focused on at the moment.

I felt a tickle in my nose and abruptly sneeze, causing me to drop the ring. I rubbed my nose and check the ground for the ring; there was a crack in the gem.

I hopped off the chair and picked it up from the ground. The gem had a crack going down the middle of the gem and uncovered what was on the inside. I took a closer look at what was on this inside, but it was difficult to tell.

I placed the ring under the microscope again to get a better view of it. There was a diminutive object inside the opal gem, but I couldn't tell what it was. I removed the ring from the microscope and grabbed a knife that was nearby.

"Sorry, I ruined your wedding ring mom," I muttered, before carefully scrutinizing the ring with the knife. The object inside the ring became obvious to me, it was an incredibly small note hidden inside the ring. I attentively removed the note from the ring and opened it.

The note itself was about the size of my fingernail and the letters on it were unclear. Once again, I used the microscope to assist me and the letters were legible. It said:

'My location is in the Caribbean Sea near Cuba. I have no set coordinates of where I am located, but you will know where my whereabouts are.'

I backed away from the microscope and covered my mouth. I couldn't believe it, my mother is possibly alive.

I got extremely anxious for a few moments. If my mom is alive then maybe she can eliminate the chemical, Typhonic and save the world.

My pessimistic side kicked in and I began to worry that she might be dead for all I know. My father told me she passed away when I was seven years old, but he could be wrong. My father may have seen my mother disappear one day and assumed she was dead, but she could've possibly stayed alive.

Just like me, she isn't affected by Typhonic. Either she is immune or gets the same treatment I do every week to keep her alive and healthy.

I just hope she is alive. She and I were very close and did everything together, and it sounds strange but she was my best friend; I could tell her anything. Of course, when she passed, I drastically changed and became a quiet and introverted person who thought she was the reason for her mother's passing.

Now, I know I wasn't the reason, but I still blame myself for part of it.

My eyes wandered over to the note and I stared at it. I need to find her, I just have too.

"I can't do it alone. I need help." I told myself, picking up the small note. I placed it in my jean pocket and sat back down on the stool.

The opal of the ring was shattered into pieces, but all the pieces still managed to sparkle. Despite the ring being ruined, I still slid it onto my finger. I'm determined to return to its rightful owner and I have high hopes that she is still alive.

"Ericka Thompson, I'm going to find you."

In London

Trevor's POV

"Dad, you're crazy. I can't just barge into Trinity's life like that." I reasoned with my dad, who was setting up the table in the office. "Besides, I doubt she trusts me."

He waved me off, not even making eye contact with me. "That doesn't matter."

"Why doesn't it matter?" I asked, leaning on the table.

"Because Trinity will be dead if I keep her father here long enough. No treatment for Trinity means she will die." He simply stated, not really caring. I just stared at my dad with a look of disbelief. He doesn't even care about her.

"You don't even care about her, do you?" I questioned my father, slamming my hand on the table. My father finally turned his attention to me and huffed.

"Why should I? This world is better without females anyway and not having her around would make everything perfect."

"I can't believe you." I shook my head at him in dismay. "Trinity is still human and she is our last hope in restoring humanity. Without the other gender, we can't repopulate and before you know nobody will be left."

My father scoffed. "Nobody besides us and her father knows she exists. Her father wants to keep her hidden for some unknown reason."

"Maybe because of the lethal chemical that killed females and her dad wants to keep her protected," I replied, trying to reason with my very stubborn father.

"Raymond is not protecting her. He's just using her as a test subject." My dad corrected, brushing past me. I trailed behind him close behind until he paused in the kitchen. "Why do you care about her so much?"

I shrugged, not really knowing that myself. "I don't know why, but she is not a test subject."

"Seems like my son has a soft spot for Trinity." My dad teased, causing me to get vexed with him.

"No, I don't have a soft spot for her." I denied, clenching my fists. "I just care about her well being that's all."

My father turned to me and gave me a smug look. "Look, just go to Trinity's cabin and gain her trust, then-" He paused and handed me a glass bottle of purple liquid. "Have her drink this."

I examined the drink, confused. "What is it?"

"Just grape juice... with a lethal ingredient that will kill her." My father shrugged, giving me a slight grin. I stared at him in horror and shoved the glass into his chest.

"Absolutely not." I scolded and left the kitchen with my father trailing behind me.


"Do not 'son' me." I snapped, facing him. My finger poking his chest, angrily. "I will not kill an innocent girl for no reason!"

"I can't force my eighteen-year-old son to do anything anymore." He moved my finger away from his chest and lowered it. "Just visit her for the week while I talk with Raymond."

Finally, something we can agree on.

"Alright." I agreed, "But I am not harming her in any way and you aren't either. Deal?"

My dad sighed but agreed. "Deal."

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