Life of Trinity Thompson

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Staring out a shattered window with curiosity in her green eyes sat a teenage girl. This girl lived a lonely life, kept away in a secret location from everyone. She wasn't oblivious to what was going, she knew exactly what was happening. All females have been wiped out and she is the only one left. Her father, Raymond Thompson, has kept her in a secret location and it trying his best to protect her.


The girl turned her head away from the window to find her father.

"Yes, father?" She asked with her fragile voice.

"It's time for your weekly treatment."

Trinity's face fell and let out a sorrowful sigh.

She didn't respond to her father and followed him to his laboratory.

Trinity sat down on the normal stool she sits on for her treatment. This treatment Trinty has to get keeps her alive and healthy. The chemical that eliminated the female population lingers in the atmosphere and is very dangerous to Trinity.

The chemical is called Typhonic and causes damage to the female brain. Unusual that it affected the female brain and not the males. It's still unknown to this day and male scientists are still trying to figure it out.

Raymond filled the syringe with a cold, blue liquid to the brim. The chemical in this syringe is unnamed and Raymond is determined to keep his daughter alive with it.

Trinity hesitant rested her arm on the table and averted her eyes from the scene. Raymond injected blue liquid into her arm and slowly removed the needled from his daughter's arm when finished.

"All done," Raymond told her, putting away his equipment.

Trinity pulled down her sleeve and stood on her two feet. She hastily made her way back upstairs without saying a word to her father.

Raymond watched his daughter leave and rubbed his face.

"She hates me." His hands found their way to the table and his eyes met with a photo of his family.

The photo showed a happy family. Raymond on the left, Trinity in the middle, and an older woman next to her. The woman had similar features to Trinity, expect her eyes were blue and her hair was lighter. That woman was Raymond's wife who died because of the Typhonic chemical.

Raymond lost his wife and that affected Trinity immensely.

The father switched off the lights and headed back upstairs.

Trinity found herself near the front door of the cabin she lived in. Her father warned her about going outside because of the dangerous chemical that lingers in the air, but she should be fine.

She quietly turned the doorknob and peeked her head outside. A gentle breeze flew in Trinity's hair which sent a shiver down her spine.

Trinity glanced behind her before stepping outside. Outside was never cold, the chemical caused everything to be warm and humid. The gentle breeze she felt wasn't a cold breeze, it was a sultry type of breeze.

Trinity strolled across the grass, feeling the sun radiant off her skin. She felt happy to be outside again, but deep down inside her she still felt misery.

She tried her best not to dwell on what is happening but the peculiar atmosphere made it impossible. Trinity found herself spacing out and saw she was in a strange forest.

The leaves of the trees were the color of Autumn, which is odd because it's Summer.  Trinity being the curious girl she is, decided to investigate the strange area. She continued to stroll forward in the forest and noticed something in the distance.

Trinity began to walk towards it but immediately froze when she heard her father's voice.


She sighed and turned around to walk back home.

The object Trinity saw vanished but when she took one last glance at the forest, it appeared for a moment. The object vanished once again when she left the area.


Just a small introduction to what I'm working on. Tell me your thoughts on my story because I would love to read them. I feel really good with this one and I have high hopes for it.

If you want more info on the characters just asks me, I have them written down already.

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