Makoto x Reader - You Lucky Dog

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These situations I come up with are way to convenient for life XD I'm sorry they aren't too realistic of scenarios but it is what I have to think if soooooo....... yeah ill stop now XD

(Y/N) - Your Name

(L/N) - Last Name

(F/F) - Favorite food

(Y/T) - Your Talent

(F/C) - Favorite color



(Y/N)'s POV

"Woaah!!! Its so cute awwww!!!" I was practically screaming. There was a cute little dog in front of me and it didn't seem to have an owner from the lack of a tag. "Awwww you need an owner little one? You look kind of like a Minpin soooo CUTE!" The dog yipped in a sort of yes like fashion and ran around me in circles. I decided to take it home but I need little help to take care of it...



"I'm sorry to call you over here all of a sudden Naegi I need all the help I can get for at least the next day or so. Thanks for agreeing to spend the night and stuff. It means a lot even though you don't known what this is yet" "No No it's ok! Ill help you what's the problem?" Naegi asked in a kind tone while setting his bags down. "Well its not really a problem its more like-" "Yip! Yip!"The dog yipped as it ran out from another room" Woah! Its so cute!" Naegi said leaning down and petting the dog"Have you given it a name yet? Wait.... Is it a girl or a boy?" Naegi asked"Well about that I haven't actually checked yet" I said slightly scratching my cheek.

After an awkward check later

3rd Person

"Well she still needs a bath right?" Naegi said "Yeah lets give her a bath ill start getting the water ready and stuff!"  (Y/N) said warming the water up. "Oh I just realised where are your parents at?" Naegi asked picking up the doggo(yes I said doggo)"Oh they're on a cruise right now ahah...." "I see I see." Naegi said bringing the dog over to the sink setting it down inside. "It looks like it likes the water!" (Y/N) said petting the her head. She then started to shake water and it landed all of the front of  (Y/N)'s shirt "A-Are you ok (Y/N)?!" Naegi said until he looked and the shirt had become slightly.... See through. "Ahh... Umm... (Y/N) you may want to put on some cover or umm..." "Hmm? What's wrong? Your face is really red Naegi" (Y/N) said looking almost directly into Naegi's eyes. "Well y-your shirt is slightly... See through...." Naegi said turning the other way. (Y/N) looked down only to see that her shirt was now as Naegi said see through"U-Uhhmmm.... Can you take care of the dog now I'm going to go change shirts!" (Y/N) said running upstairs to go change shirts leaving the dog to Naegi.

Naegi's POV

Well (Y/N) has left me with the dog. "It seems almost as if you did that on purpose ahah..." I took the dog out of the sink to dry it off slightly. I was able to dry the dog off enough and let it run around for a while. "Seems like (Y/N) is taking a while. Is it just me or am I worrying too much? Well now I'm talking to a dog...." I stood up and the dog ran almost at sonic speed towards (Y/N)'s room"Oh no wait!" I chased after it to a scene I wouldn't soon forget. I ran after the dog who had ran into (Y/N)'s room. It turns out she was in the middle of putting her shirt on and didn't see me. I ran back to the kitchen as soon as possible. A short while later (Y/N) came back. "Hey Naegi! This little one ran into my room earlier and seemed super happy about something! She is the best isn't she?" (Y/N) asked me with a smile on her face "Yes very..." "Naegi? Your face is all red again don't tell me that my shirt is see through again." "Nonono! Its not that its just... Nevermind." (Y/N) made a little blanket and pillow bed for the dog and laid it down there. Before it fell asleep it looks as if it looked at me and winked. I don't know if it was cheering me on or what but I know what I need to do now.

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