Boyfriend Scenarios V3

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Well I'm just going to pick some of the more popular V3 Boi's to do this for which includes Shuichi, Kokichi, Kiibo, and Rantaro. I'm not doing Kaito because ill do some research on characters before writing about them so I get what I'm doing😂. Kaito is one person I haven't researched. Well uhh..... ON WITH THE REST OF THIS(and yes i am back from my trip and I will be doing Super Danganronpa and Trigger Happy Havoc later on)
Taking you on a date

Kokichi: You pretty much have to eat at his place because every restaurant around you guys he has upset the people there or gotten banned. The food you guys ate was high quality but what you didnt know was that he pretty much stole everything but the silverware you guys were eating with(those were birthday presents).

Shuichi: Shuichi and you went to the movies. Once you got into the theater you dragged him to the back of the theater and sat down. About half way through the movie you trailed your hand down and grabbed his package. You teased him a bit and leaned over and whispered into his ear"a present for later". About half an hour before the movie ended Shuichi rubbed you through your clothes and leaned over and said "As soon as we get home I'll do much more".

Rantaro: You and Rantaro went to the park. You guys had a small picnic on the grass and you had him push you on the swing. You then switched but her made you stand in front if him for a surprise. You stood in front of him afraid he might kick you but instead you heard the swing move and then you felt a quick kiss on your lips. He did this about five more times and then hopped off the swing and picked you up. He spun you around and kissed you some more.

Kiibo: You and kiibo went to an arcade. You got some tokens for both you and him and Kiibo was confused. You went up to one of the games and showed him how to play. He seemed slightly offended and you asked what was wrong. He said "Controlling robots and making them give you something is slightly ROBOPHOBIC" you apologized multiple times and handed your tokens to some kids passing by who needed more. You then went home sat Kiibo on the couch and sat on top of him facing towards him. You then kissed him and gave him an apology present *insert extreme lenny face here*.

How they tease you

Kokichi: Kokichi has multiple ways of teasing you sometimes you'll just be at home watching TV while he is out and you'll get a message from him saying something like" I just can't stop myself from thinking of the face you'll make when I get home and fuck the life out of you" or he will be more demanding and give you a task. For task he may something among the lines of"I want you to tease yourself until you are wet enough to slide a vibrator inside of you then I want you to put it on medium setting and for an hour I don't care if you orgasm or not to leave that in there" and the thing that sucks about those messages is that he gets the pleasure of knowing you've actually done them.

Shuichi: Shuichi is shy sometimes but he mostly comes out of that shell when he is 'in heat'. Sometimes you'll be sitting on the couch and he might "accidentally" grip one of your breast. Or you may be in bed an he'll roll over and "accidentally" rub his knee down there. You get basically what he does.

Rantaro: Rantaro having all of his sisters pretty much can tell what a girl is doing and what they're like and you are no exception. Sometimes you'll want to do 'that' and you'll be laying down somewhere trying not to think about it. Out of nowhere he would come and crawl on top of you and pin your hands to the sides and kiss you. He would trail his hand down and then stop and get up and continue with whatever he was doing.  You have to do laundry more often with him around.

Kiibo: Kiibo with his recording functions and all likes to tease you by playing back the sounds you made from when you've done it. He'll usually follow it up by saying" I wonder if I can get you to do that again".

Who's on the top and Who's on the bottom

Kokichi: Kokichi is dominant pretty much all the time. He likes to hear you try and struggle out of his grasp when the pleasure is too much. He likes the faces you make as well and the way you moan and scream his name. Sometimes you'll try and switch around the roles but when he realises when you are trying to do that he'll get out some of the ropes he "borrowed" from Korekiyo making sure he is always dominant.

Shuichi: With shuichi it depends on how you guys are feeling if Shuichi wants to be dominant for a session then you'll let him have his way with you. If you want to let him sit back and relax then you'll become dominant for that time. Most of the time Shuichi will be on the bottom but when he is on top most of the time you'll have trouble walking for the next few days.

Rantaro: Rantaro will be dominant most of the time but he will still be gentle. It doesn't matter what type of sexual things you are doing or where he will most likely take control. There are the times when you'll give him a reward and lead him to the bed but sometimes you two will be doing it and you'll be in control one minute but two minutes later you are pinned down and pretty much being forced to orgasm.

Kiibo: Kiibo will get flustred easily with anything that has to do with 'that'. He'll start to tease you sometimes but will only follow through sometimes. Mostly you will take the lead in those type of activities. When kiibo takes the lead you can barely break through his grip and when he goes at it he can go st almost inhuman speeds because well.... He is... Ya' know..... don't make me explain this.

Well that's all for now folks not really if you have any scenarios then you can out them on this chapter and ill read them. Other than that I might be posting more often and that's all I have to say

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