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So this was recommended by VilosaLight so uhh... Yeah here we go. Forgive me if this is terrible I suck at writing when it comes to Gundam! Ill put a key down here for some things in the story. Also there is no killing game going on so I don't have to figure out a way to not spoil the game and figure out a way to not make this angsty yet..... You know what I can't explain this you may get what I mean onto the story😂

(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Your Last Name
(Y/T) - Your Talent
(F/F) - Favortie Food
(F/C) - Favorite Color

3rd Person

"Ahhhhhhhh...." (Y/N) sighed while looking out at the scene in front of her.  "I can't believe how lucky I was to get chosen to come out here!" Nagito said happily(this is Nagito before he goes completely HopeBagelsGod Hope is all we need). "Don't you mean how lucky we were for all getting chosen to come out here Nagito?" Hajime said while elbowing Nagito. "I just can't beileve I had to come here with you pigs" Hiyoko retorted. "Man I just wanna eat! Where's the food?!" Akane said running onto the beach looking for food. (Y/N) ran onto the beach through the sand and into the water and swam around happily. "Why don't we join her guys?" Mahiru said running into the water with everyone agreeing and running close behind her.

(Y/N)'s POV
I looked up onto the the shore and saw Gundam in the sand building a Sand Castle for his as he called them"Four Dark Devas of Destruction". I swam to the shore(sorry if you don't know how to swim. Like me😭) and asked Gundam if he wanted any help. He nodded and pulled up his scarf a bit.

Time Skiparodoodle brought to you by Clorox Wipes.

"Oh man how did you guys do this?!" Fuyuhiko asked shocked. "Young Master what is.... Oh. Sweet. Jesus." Peko said looking at the creation."C-C-Can I take a picture?" Mahiru said in awe. Everyone else just stood there too stunned for words. Me and  Gundam both built an empire for Gundam's "Four Dark Devas of Destruction". "Foolish Mortals! This is only an Ounce of my Tons of abilities!" Gundam said proudly. I scratched the back of your head and said"I guess we kind of went overboard! Haha..." To that everyone laughed and went to the dining hall for dinner.

Time skip to the dining hall brought to you by Clorox Bleach

I sat down and started to eat the food Teru Teru prepared for everyone. Although I don't really like Meat on the Bone that much I ate it without protest. Gundam then took the the seat next to me not to long after. "So (Y/N) what does the supreme ruler of (Y/T) plan on doing after this?" Gundam asked. "Hmmm.
... Maybe going back to the beach?" i replied more sheepishly than expected. " I see this is how mortals decide to spend their time..." Gundam seemed intrigued in me. Why would he my crush be interested in me? Before we were sent over here I was Gundam's biggest fan. I loved all of the pictures with animals he had I loved his "Four Dark Devas of Destruction" and I wore a smaller bathing suit today because of the fact I knew he would be there. "(Y/N) are you ok?" Gundam asked. "Ahh yes I'm fine I feel like I was just M(OOOOOO)oved by your words.(HaHAahAhHahAhah Get IT BecaUse GuNdaM iS a BreeDer aNd yeah ill stop now)" you replied. "how so?" Gundam asked. "Its just that no one has ever really been interested in me. Me being the ultimate (Y/T) there are things related to my talent but I can't explain it(sorry if your talent is easy to explain)." I said. "Ahhh... I see most of these mere mortals can't succumb to the fact that there are those how may seek a greater height of expertise than they do." (also sorry if I all of a sudden made him overly verbose)Gundam said nodding his head in an understanding way. You chuckled and told Gundam bye, left the Hotel's Restaurant, and headed for the beach.

Time skip brought to you by Clorox Toilet Wand

"This is really nice~" you sighed staring out at the water from your spot on the beach. "It really is isn't it?" A familiar voice said behind. No it isn't Gundam, Gundam has a deeper voice. "Nagito what are you doing here?!" I almost screamed. "Hahahah I'm just sitting here hoppin'(nicob reference also Nagito goes hope bagels here)" Nagito said sitting beside you. He started to lean in and stroke my hair. At this point I was pretty uncomfortable. I didn't know Nagito was like this you needed an excise to leave QUICK. "Well would you look at that" Nagito said moving away. "I've done my part and I better be getting my 2000 Bagel payment by tomorrow." Nagito said getting up and leaving the beach. I looked over at the reason why he might've moved and OMG hamsters?! The hamsters were carrying a note. Meet me as soon as possible preferably tonight in my Cottage.  -Gundam Tanaka. The note red. " I think I'll go and meet him now then. The hamster stayed behind probably heading to their sand empire. As you walked to Gundam's Cottage you saw Monokuma driving a truck with word on it in bold saying MONOKUMA DONUT DELIVERY. I wonder what that is for. I knocked on Gundam's Cottage door and waited. He then opened the door to let me in. I waited on his bed and he hasn't said anything yet and then he turned to me. "(Y/N) I know this is slightly sudden but c-could we maybe do the breeding process between Humans?" Gundam asked timidly a new side you haven't seen before. "H-Huuuuhhhh?!" I said in shock. I let it seep in for a minute and let it seep in. Before i knew it Gundam was above me I was laying down and he was looking into my eyes. "W-Well I need an answer to continue..."Gundam said pulling up his scarf. "Y-Yes we can do t-that" I said trying to avoid eye contact.

3rd Person(You need consent and protection before you decide to give someone your affection!)

Gundam leaned down and started to kiss (Y/N). Well not just any kiss it was a heated French kiss. (Y/N) tried to over power Gundam but it was useless. He pushed in and explored all of her mouth. The two pulled back for air after a while." Allow me to take the role of Alpha for the remainder of this time..." Gundam said pinning (Y/N) down and tying (Y/N)'s arms together and to the top of the bed post. "Gundam what are you-" (Y/N) said getting cut off by another kiss. Gundam started to trail down and to (Y/N)'s neck. He kissed and bit all over for a while until he found her sensitive spot. He had continued to kiss and bite there until he left a mark. Then he trailed down slightly further. Then he took off her shirt. Just to (Y/N)'s luck she didn't have on a bra thanks to swimming earlier and thinking she didn't need one because her shirt was thick enough. That was until Gundam pulled off her shirt and there was no protection there. (Y/N) went down to cover herself but couldn't because of the scarf. "Struggling already? I've barely even touched you yet." Gundam said confidently. "Tchh" was all (Y/N) said. Gundam started lightly massaging both of (Y/N)'s breast gaining a moan from her. He leant down and started sucking on one bud and massages the other then he switched so they got the same treatment. He trailed his fingers down to (Y/N)(Skirt/Shorts/Pants/etc) and pulled them down revealing lacy(F/C) panties which were not on (Y/N) that much later. Gundam reached one finger inside of (Y/N). "Ahhh... G-Gundam go faster!" (Y/N) moaned out. Gundam added in another finger going slightly faster. Just as (Y/N) was about to release Gundam took his fingers out. "I told you I was going to be the Alpha so if you want it you have to earn it" Gundam said taking off his clothes and positioning his member by (Y/N)'s mouth. (Y/N) nodded and took Gundam's member into her mouth and started to suck it. She bobbed her head up and down and circled her tounge around the tip. After a while of this he had came in (Y/N)'s mouth and she had swallowed all of it. "Now you've earned it (Y/N)." Gundam said positioning himself at her entrance. "Are you ready (Y/N)?" Gundam said. (Y/N) nodded and waited. After a few second a pang of pain went through her. Gundam had known this and waited for her to adjust. After a while (Y/N) had felt the pain go away and bucked her hips up as an experiment. Gundam saw thus as a time to start and move and so he did. "G- Gundam Annnhh!" was all (Y/N) could manage to say. Gundam was proud and continued to thrust even harder and faster than before. He had reached and hand up to massage one of (Y/N)'s breast gaining somehow more moans from her. Gundam had been grunting and (Y/N) was a moaning mess. "C-Can I cum inside?" Gundam grunted out. All (Y/N) could manage to get out was a short yes. Soon after (Y/N) came along with Gundam soon after. They had both collapsed on the bed out of breath. "You were a formidable opponent" Gundam said taking off the binds from his scarf and handing (Y/N) her clothes. After getting dressed (Y/N) went to her cottage and slept.

Time skip brought to you by Clorox Laundry Detergent

(Y\N) went to the restaurant the next morning only to have everyone staring at her. Everyone but Nagito who had been crying because of the missing supply of bagels which were replaced with donuts. "(Y-Y/N)? D-Did you do THAT with G-Gundam?" Mahiru asked. (Y/N) paste was just about as red as Mahiru's hair at that point. "W-W-W-Why would you ask that?!" she stuttered. "BECAUSE YOU TWO WERE LOUD AS HECK YESTERDAY!" Every one shouted. "Did you not expect me to hear everything at midnight?! It was terrible!" Ibuki said shuttering at the flashbacks to last night. "I was fixing one of those broken TV's and then I heard it. I thought Gundam was breeding an animal but then I realised there weren't any animals he could get in his room that and make that much noise!!!" Kazhuochi screamed pulling his hat over his face. Hajime was in the corner just laughing at this whole situation. For the rest of the day (Y/N) was pestered about what happened behind closed doors while Gundam stayed inside knowing the dangers of leaving his cottage at that time.

Well this was 1903 words. Ill give myself a pat on the back for that one. Now just gotta go eat because I haven't eaten in the past 16 hours.

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