Kokichi x Reader - I Want to Hear More(Lemon)

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Authors Note:
Sooooo..... I'm very impatient and just wanted to start writing.This is my first Lemon and I don't know how good it will be. I know this miniature HITLER here is popular so uhh... Yeah. Ill put a little key down below here.

(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Your Last Name
(Y/T) - Your Talent
(F/F) - Favortie Food
(F/C) - Favorite Color

Also this just takes place in the school no killing game.

(Y/N)'s POV

"Ahhh.... Another day goes past and I need to think of more things to do." You sighed to yourself. Sometimes things just got boring here in the school. Taking a bite of (F/F) and thought of things to do. "Maybe I could go watch some movies. But no Saihara Kun warned me about there being weird movies over there."You thought. "THATS IT!" you shouted racing out of the dining hall and out the door not realizing someone was watching you from afar.

You burst into the kitchen and no one was there. "Hehehe! The is going to be fun I know everyone loves strawberry cake and lucky me I make the best strawberry cake ever!" I said out loud. (A/N just saying your character is going to have a problem with talking to themselves😂) I started humming while I was making the cake. "Ahaha... I just realised how embarrassing it would be if someone found out I actually like singing." I said while scratching my cheek. Something hit the floor loudly at about that time and I screamed and jumped back"Ahhh!!!" I looked around to only see a bottle of Panta and an open door. "M-Maybe the door was accidentally opened? The wind yeah it was the wind!" I said going to close the door. "The Panta can be explained by uhhhh....  An unknown force that cannot yet be explained yeah!" I said nervously turning around to go finish off my cake. "And..... Done! This is going to be Great! Hehehe!

Time skippu to after dinner in the Dining Hall

"This is really good (L/N) Chan"Saihara Said. "HIIIIYAAAHHH THIS CAKE IS SO GOOD(Y/N) ANOTHER SLICE PLEASE!!" Tenko shouted wolfing down her second piece. "Tenko slow down or you'll choke. But if you choke I'll save you with my maaaaggiiiiccc." Himiko said eating her cake slowly. "Nyahahahah!!! Maybe I could give this to Atua as an offering for gods need food too!" Angie said holding her slice above her head. "Thanks everyone!" You said. Everyone was eating cake except Ouma. I walked over to Ouma "Do you want a slice of cake Ouma?" I asked. Me and Ouma were friends since I got here. He is a really good friend I kind of have a slight crush on him. "(Y/N)? (Y/N?!" Ouma said waving a hand in your face. "What were you doing?"Ouma said"Huh? Oh nothing I just spaced out for a minute." "You were staring at me pretty intensely there~" Ouma said with a smirk "I-I was?" I said I might have started blushing at this point. "But yet again that could be a lie! Neheehee! Meet me in my room later ok (Y/N)?" Ouma said leaving the dining hall. "What was that all about (Y/N)?!"Miu said grabbing your breast. "Ahhh! Miu what the heck?!" You almost shouted at her. "Heeeeeeee!!! I'm sorry! Miu said backing off a bit. "I just wanted to know what you two were talking about!" She said recoiling back. "I just asked if he wanted some cake nothing big...". You said finishing your cake and throwing your plate away and going to meet Ouma.

Second time skip brought to you by Himiko's magic circle design.

I knocked on Ouma's door waiting for him to answer. When he did he seemed more squirmish than usual. I walked into his room not questioning it. "Neeheehee! (Y/N) I saw you earlier~" Ouma said in a teasing way."Yeah in the dining hall right? We were all there." I replied. "Nonono you don't understand even earlier then that. I guess it would be embarrassing for someone to catch you humming Neeheehee!" Ouma said taunting me"You weren't supposed to know about that or anyone for that matter!" You said blushing"

3rd Person POV(A/N: Lucky duck now you know Kokichi's feelings too)

"I liked the sounds that came out of your mouth then maybe I can get you to make more~" Ouma said pinning you to the bed. "Ahhh! Ouma what are you doing?!" You said as he rushed a kiss onto you. You were surprised for a while and then kissed back. You kissed for a while and then you both pulled back. "To answer your question Im doing what I should've done a while ago." He said rushing another kiss onto you. He tried to add tounge but you denied. Yeah he didn't like that very much. He grabbed one of your breast and started massaging it gaining a moan from you. He got what he wanted and slid his tounge in your mouth. He explored every area of your mouth that he could and pulled back for air. "Hmmm... I'm bored of playing here maybe we can move along~" He said removing your shirt. The air hitting you suddenly. You let out a slight whimper. Ouma then removed your bra and stared at your chest drooling slightly. Neeheehee (Y/N) you didn't tell me you were so stacked!" Ouma said leaning down and sucking on your left bud while teasing your other one. Then he switched so they got the same amount of attention. You were basically a moaning mess at this point because you were- "Are you sensitive up here (Y/N)?~" Ouma asked seductively. "N-N-N-No! Why would I be?!" You said blushing a deep red. "I know that's (Kayayd)a(y's) lie" Ouma said teasing both of your buds making you continue to moan. "If you're this sensitive up here then I want to see what your like down here~" Ouma said removing your Panties. "Neeheehee! It looks like its overflowing! You really are sensitive aren't you (Y/N)!?" Ouma said proud of his work. "O-Ouma its embarrassing when you say stuff like that! Also why am I the only one that is naked!?" You said to Ouma. "Hmm... Don't know why I'm the only naked guess it was fate" Ouma said holding your legs apart and sticking a finger into you. You moaned loudly at this action. "Neeheeheeheehee! You tried to deny it earlier but you really are sensitive" Ouma said laughing. "N-No its just that-" You were cut off but Ouma pumping 2 fingers in and out of you. "Ahh Ouma! D-Don't stop!" and at this statement he stopped. "But why?! You said. "I want you to call me by my first name" Ouma said taking off his shirt and pants. You tried to look away but he rushed another kiss onto you. "Are you ok with me putting it in (Y/N)?" Ouma asked. "Y-Yes Ouma" You said. He out it in you and he waited because you and him both knew you were a virgin. After a minute you bucked your hips up signaling you were ready. He started thrusting in and out of you slowly. It was agonizingly slow. "O-Ouma could you move f-faster?" you said "Call me Kokichi"he said almost stopping. "K-K-Kokichi could you g-go faster?" You said desperately "Say my name over and over again and then I'll move" Kokichi said teasing you. "Kokichi, Kokichi, Kokichi, Kokichi, Kokichi, Kokichi, Kokichi, Koki-" you were cut off by him flipping you over and thrusting hard. "You seem so desperate so I'm going to fuck you until you can't walk tomorrow." He said seductively. You knew if you spoke all that would come out is moans so you tried to hold them back. "I know what you're trying to do(Y/N) don't hold them back from me or I'll force them out." Kokichi said. "I-I'm not holding them b-back!" you said trying to oppose him. Wrong idea buddy. "I guess I'll have to force them out for you." Kokichi said going around and teasing one of your buds and the other hand took both of your wrist and held them behind your back. At this point you had no choice but to moan. "Ahnnn~ K-Kokich- Ahhhn!" Was all you could get out. You started to hear Kokichi grunting after a while too. "(Y-Y/N) Can I cum inside?" Kokichi said shakily. "Y-Yes! I'm about to- Nhhhhh!" You said cumming. "(Y-Y/N)!!" Kokichi said Cumming as well. You two both fell on the bed with Kokichi on top of you. After a while you both got dressed and you went back to your room.

Time Skippledee brought to you by Quality Danganronpa Shitposting

You went to the dining room the next morning with Kokichi. When you two walked in everyone was looking at you guys. Then the guys group and girls group split. They took Kokichi to one side of the room and you to the other. "So Kokichi you finally have become a man ehh?" Kaito said patting Kokichi on the head. "Kokichi w-what was it like?" Saihara said almost in a whisper. "So it seems like you've got a partner set up huh Ouma?" Rantaro said smirking. Over on your said it was, different. "(Y/N)! (Y/N)! I knew something was going on yesterday and you tried to deny it! " Miu shouted. "Why would you do such a thing with a degenerate!!?" Tenko also shouted. "Did it hurt (Y/N)?!" Kaede shouted to go along with them. "Angie heard of this tradition on her island" She shouted along with the rest of them. You and Kokichi both got pressed against walls at opposite sides of the room as you were both questioned about your sexual activities.

Remember kids as my PE teacher always used to say"Don't let your Affection give you an Infection, put some Protection on that Erection".

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