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So I'm BACK I saw this request from . So on with it because I don't want to be awkward here and try to go on any long explanations. All I'm going to say is in going to try to write for Robo Boi.

(Y/N) - Your Name
(Y/T) - Your Talent
(F/F) - Favortie Food
(F/C) - Favorite Color

Also this is set in the school but with no killing game
3rd Person

"Bored. Boredom. Boring. No fun. Uneventful. Dull. Trite. Stale. Lame. Nothing to dooooooooo..." (Y/N) whined on her bed. She looked around trying to find something to do. She saw that she had a jump rope(for no reason in particulaur( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) she continued looking around for something else to do " Board games.... Cards....... Where the heck did these monokuma dolls come from?! Ughhhh..... There's normally more to do! When h-he's around..." (Y/N) said to herself. She decided to just unlock her door because Kiibo that one special person that she felt... Different.... Around was going to play some games with her for a while. They had known each other for quite a while and got along really well. Like bff's. Does anybody even use that anymore? As (Y/N) was skipping ropes because she found nothing else to do Kiibo knocked on the door" Uhh... (Y/N)? Can I come in?" The shock caused (Y/N) to fall over and anime LOGIC happened. "I'm coming in (Y/N)!" "N-No! Wait!" but wait wasn't enough. "I-I-I'm sorry!" Kiibo managed to stutter out. "C-Can you help me Kiibo? I'm sort of stuck like this..."(remember that first scene when Mikan fell? Well remember that but with a jumprope).

After a beet faced Kiibo help (Y/N) up and after playing some games for a while

"(Y/N) you are good at scrabble I didn't think you'd be able to beat me 1... 2... 3... 13 times?!" "AHAHAHAHAHA I AM THE LORD OF SCRABBLE" (Y/N) shouted" but do you want to watch any movies or anything because playing games is getting a bit you know?" (Y/N) said"I know boring?" " how did you know?" "because I've known you for long enough (Y/N) to know you get bored easily." Kiibo said proud of his memory. "Hmm.... Lets go to the Theater room and watch some things there!"(Y/N) suggested "Sure thing!" kiibo said.

One walk to the theater room later

"Lets see lets see....." "What type of movie are you looking for?" Kiibo asked. "A fun one!" "Hahaha sounds about right" Kiibo saw a movie and reached for it. when he picked it up and looked at it it turned out to be a Por-"Hey whatcha find?!" (Y/N) said taking the movie out of Kiibos hands. She then looked at it for a second and put it down. Kiibo spoke up around that time. "Umm... (Y/N)... I know this is weird time to say this but around you I feel different. You make me feel things I haven't before." "what do you mean?" (Y/N) said as dense as a rock. "I mean to say will you g-go out with me?!" Kiibo said stuttering. "K-Kiibo I have a question for you as well..." "yes?" "Will you love me forever?" (Y/N) asked him looking into his eyes. This triggered that same feeling inside of him"Yes. Yes I will there is something I think I need to do but will you come to my dorm with me?" Kiibo asked. "Yes..." (Y/N) said and followed Kiibo to his dorm.

One walk to Kiibo's dorm and behind a closed door later

"Kiibo is there a reason we are here?"(Y/N) asked. " (Y/N) I've been wanting to ask but maybe you would know. I want you to describe to me this feeling of pleasure that people sometimes feel." Kiibo asked in a somewhat serious tone. "U-Umm! You mean as in the pleasure of having guest of or the pleasure of being invited to a fancy tea party or something?!" (Y/N) said trying to avoid what he really meant. "I want you to describe it to me but not right now." "what do you mean?" (Y/N) asked thinking he might be actually been talking about something else. "I need your consent for this but if you stop me that means you don't want me to do this. "Wait what do yo-" but she was cut off by a kiss from Kiibo. It was like a dream. His metal lips were hard but at the same time gental. Kiibos kiss became more rough and he tried to insert his tounge.(Y/N) allowed him to and he dominated the kiss. Kiibo pulled away for a minute "I see you aren't pushing me away. You know where this is going to go right?" (Y/N) nodded her head and closed her eye slightly scared. "Don't worry I'll be gentle." Kiibo assured as he held (Y/N)'s arms apart and kissed her again. He slowly went further down and kissed all over (Y/N)'s neck. He stopped once he heard a small moan come from (Y/N) when he got to a certain spot. He kissed and bit all over that area until he left a mark he was proud of. He went even further down and took of (Y/N)'s shirt and threw it into the oblivion that was his room. " were you planning for something like this to happen? This (F/C) lacy Bra is pretty daring." " N-No! A girl has to feel special sometimes to even if its not visible..." (Y/N) said. "Well let me make you feel special" Kiibo said taking off (Y/N)'s bra and throwing it aside. Before (Y/N) could cover up Kiibo stuck his hands right on top of (Y/N)'s mounds and started to massage them. "K-Kiibo!" but he stayed silent. He then let go of one mound but leaned over to suck on one the the buds. He sucked and licked on one bud while rubbing the other and switched to give them the same amount of attention. Kiibo being new to this sensation also knew by looking at (Y/N) that she hasn't messed with much up here many times and it was more sensitive... Than other places. He decided to move on and slowly pull off (Y/N)'s (shorts/pants/skirt/etc.). "Matching underwear too?" "shut up...". Kiibo decided to tease (Y/N) by rubbing her through her clothed heat. He kissed her and rubbed down there at the same time. "K-Kiibo I'm going to-" and kiibo removed his fingers. Along with (Y/N)'s underwear. He than pressed a button on him that opened up a compartment. It contained an about 8 inch long (ROBODICK) dildo looking thing. "This was installed into me but I am uncofertbale about showing it at times. But this is the time to use it!" Kiibo said somewhat proudly. (Y/N) blushed extreme shades of red on how it would fit inside of her. Kiibo crawled over (Y/N) and reassured her everything would be ok. "Tell me if you want to stop ok?" "o-ok" Kiibo slowly thrusted into (Y/N). For a minute they sat there so she could get used to the feeling. "You can move now kiibo". "O-Ok.." on his second thrust back in it was almost as if it was too slow how he was moving. "Can you move faster Kiibo?" (Y/N) panted out. He went faster and noticed (Y/N)'s more frequent moans. He reached and grabbed one of her mounds and massged it. He went at animalistic pace and kissed (Y/N). "Kiibo I'm going to!" and (Y/N) came. Kiibo doesn't have those type of functions added in(yet ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)). "So describe to me this feeling of pleasure" kiibo asked"A-Amazing..." (Y/N) said falling asleep in Kiibo's arms.


1st person
I woke up in my room today. Was last night a dream? I guess so. I went to stand up but then instantly fell back down. "Ahhh... My down there hurts bad" (Y/N) said. I guess it wasn't a dream then.

For the rest of the day (Y/N) walked funny Shuichi questioned her and thanks to his ULTIMATE DETEC SKILLZ he figured it out pretty quickly. Kokichi also figured out because of LIE POWER. Other than those two (Y/N) was just questioned for the entire day.

This was shorter of a story than expected. Ill try to make one that's longer next time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°). Ok imma go now XD

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