Shuichi x Female Reader Lemon

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Well this wasn't a request I just need to write something😛. Prepare yourself for some OOC Shuichi. Ill put a key down here like I normally do and imma stop trying to explain things😂👌

(Y/N) - Your Name
(L/N) - Your Last Name
(Y/T) - Your Talent
(F/F) - Favortie Food
(F/C) - Favorite Color
3rd Person
(Y/N) was walking home with Shuichi on the last day of school. It was both very bright and very VERY hot. "Shuichi do you want to go to my house for a while? It is a way out of the sun plus your house is further away so you can wait until it cools off to walk home." (Y/N) said. "Sure why not but would that be fine?" Shuichi sighed shielding his face from the sun"Yeah it would my parents are going to be gone for about 3 weeks fixing up a couple houses to sell." (Y/N) said. "Well then I guess it's a plan!" Shuichi said with a smile. "To my house!"(Y/N) said.

Time skip brought to you by Donuts

"Ahhhhhhh..... This feels really good over here Shuichi you should come over here too!" (Y/N) said while leaning in front of a fan. "Haha, no I'm good over here I can feel the fan from where I'm at" Shuichi said from his spot on the couch. "Man its hot today what is there to do that WONT make us even hotter than we already are...."(Y/N) sighed. (Y/N) had already thought of things that won't make them hot but now that she thinks of them it would probably make her very hot. (Y/N) might've had a slight well BIG crush on Shuichi. It started off as them just friends but now she had developed a crush on him over time. "(Y/N)? (Y/N)? (Y/N)!?" Shuichi shouted. "Huh? What?! I was just spacing out for a minute..." (Y/N) said. "Oh good I thought you might've had a heat stroke or something but I just got a call from my parents saying they're taking a week long vacation to Hawaii because they got tickets from a raffle Ahaha..." Shuichi said scratching the back off his head. " That quick?! Man they're lucky but wait a minute don't they have to pack and stuff?" (Y/N) said. "Nope complementary clothing and stuff you know." Shuichi said. "I guess that sounds normal..."(Y/N) said. "Want to maybe... find something to do?" Shuichi said looking around for something. "Well maybe we can play a video game or something?"(Y/N) suggested. "Sure why not!" Shuichi said moving by the TV. He already knew how to set up the system at your house and handed you a remote. "Lets play Mario Kart!"(Y/N) said eagerly "Haha Ok" Shuichi said getting the game together.

Time Skipparoo after (Y/N) gets the living *BLEEP* beaten outta them.

"That was fun right?" Shuichi said looking over at (Y/N). "Wahhh! Shuichi how are you so good at this game?!" (Y/N) said walking over to Shuichi playfully hitting his chest. Shuichi started to back up until-"I-I'M SORRY (Y/N) I-I'LL MOVE!" Shuichi said frantically trying to get up from the weird position the two had landed in. Shuichi had backed up tripped over himself fell and somehow spun on top of (Y/N)(Fyshics is Phun). "S-SHUICHI UHHHH... AHH... I- I LIKE YOU!!" (Y/N) shouted from not knowing what to do at the time. "Y-You do?" Shuichi said getting off of (Y/N). "Wait I said that out loud and... I SAID THAT OUT LOUD!!!" (Y/N) said madly blushing hiding her face in her hands. "Don't hide your face b-because I feel the same way (Y/N)..." Shuichi said blushing a little bit himself. The two sat there awkwardly for a while and then (Y/N) broke the silence"S-Shuichi do you w-want to stay the n-night?" (Y/N) said in an almost whisper "S-Sure..." Shuichi said with a darker blush then (Y/N). "U-Uhhh (Y/N) I think there may be a problem with the sleeping situation...." Shuichi said nervously "I forgot I only have one bed and no matresses! My parents lock their room when they're gone and I have nothing to pick it with right now!" (Y/N) said out loud. "Wait you pick your parents lock to get in their room?" Shuichi said laughing a bit"Yeah why not their bed is more comfortable than mine." "Well that sounds pretty reasonable" Shuichi said. " I guess we will have to share the same bed it is already too late for you to be walking home at this hour."(Y/N) said." I-I Guess...." Shuichi said feeling defeated at this point.

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