Blake's endearing positivity

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Blake paced herself as she ran, the cold air moving in and out of her lungs, a cloud of her breath showing as she exhaled. She loved when the trees turned from green to orange and red in the fall, the cool air against her skin, the constant lingering smell of coffee and hot chocolate wherever you go.

She observed her surroundings as she jogged, the cars, honking, beeping and all, the park, with kids running around screaming, their parents getting them to run off some steam before having to endure their bouncy bubbliness all day. She brought her focus back to the path in front of her as she turned the corner making sure that she didn't run into anyone.

Before she realised another body was jogging in sync next to her, "good morning" he chimed.

"Morning Luke," her head glanced towards him slightly but not for too long. His ears and cheeks were pink from the cold, his blond hair flat on his forehead not having been styled for the day.

He was in grey sweats and a red hoodie, earphones poking out just over the top from the zipper where he had taken them out to listen to my response, "how are you this wonderful day?" His voice was full of sarcasm but that's how Luke was, his positivity was almost infuriating, it's like nothing in his life went wrong, nothing at all, he was just always - happy; but it was also refreshing.

"boringly average," she replied as they took another turn down the street

"find something to be excited about then," he offers her advice

"I have work, I don't think there is anything to be excited about," she puffed beginning to slow down when they get towards the green area of the park.

"well you'll see your crazy niece and nephews after work, that's something to anticipate, you have to have forward thinking you know?" she almost wanted to roll her eyes at his comment but he was right, forward thinking is the way forward.

"I suppose," she nodded before coming to a stop, leaning against a tree trunk she began to stretch pulling her right leg up behind her, "you really have an endearing positivity Luke," she told him sincerely

"it could be Blake's endearing positivity too," he copied her actions beside her, she shook my head with hilarity.

"do you wanna come back to mine for coffee?" She asked politely moving the conversation swiftly onto another subject.

"I have to get back to work but maybe another time?" he says, he wasn't rejecting her if that's what it looked like, if anything its the other way around, he usually goes back to Blake's for coffee or she goes to his, that is if they coincidentally meet up on their runs.

"okay sounds good, we also haven't finished our discussion on Vertigo-" He cuts her off

"its iconic, end of discussion," he laughs beginning to run backwards away from her, "We'll have to push that for next time, I'll see you around Blake," he salutes her before taking off on the path, sighing she stopped stretching leaning her back against the tree again she shut her eyes. Her mind never stopped and Luke was a good distraction for the few minutes that they spent together. Pulling her ponytail tighter on her head and readjusting her sweater on her sweaty body she took off running back towards her sister's home.

Finally reaching the door she opened it and walked into the quiet home, the heat suddenly swarming her cold body, unzipping my sweater she slipped off her shoes, picking them up she opened the door of the coat closet before chucking them in and closing the door behind herself. Taking off up the stairs she climbed them all the way to the third floor.

Once she gets to her room she goes straight to the bathroom to take a shower. Getting out she wandered over to her closet pulling out her red corduroy dress and her white long-sleeved turtleneck, after drying her hair she slipped on her outfit and grabbed her black boots out from the bottom of her closet.

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