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Blake stepped up to the dark blue wooden door looking down at the address that was written in the last message sent from Calum. Taking a deep breath her finger pressed against the little doorbell making it chime inside. It didn't take long for the door to be opened revealing a face Blake had yet to meet. His hair was tinted pink while he was dressed head to toe in black.

His face fell confused as he chewed on whatever he had been eating before opening up the door, "Hello?"

"Hi I'm–" before she could finish his face lit up in realisation

"You must be Blake," he smiled before turning his head down the corridor, "Calum your girlfriends here," he yelled down the corridor as her cheeks flushed at the mention of the word girlfriend. She definitely wasn't Calum's girlfriend (not yet anyway). He opened the door further for her to step inside as he moved onto the staircase.

Blake took the front of the home in quietly as her eyes wandered around the walls. There was a cabinet to her right that had picture frames littered all over it. She noticed that Calum was in most of them which made her smile. There was one picture of Calum and Ashton both laughing with drinks in their hands looking a little younger than they were right now. One picture stood behind the rest, it had four people stood in Halloween costumes, their scrawny teenage body's striking a pose for whoever had taken the photo. The front entry of the house was narrow. A staircase - that Michael was stood on - fell a few feet away from the door to the left, more pictures following up the steps. The walls were painted a light beige with a feature wall of dark red which made the dim lights warm.

"Hi!" Helena (who she also had never met) sang as she flew down the hallway with open arms. Flustered Blake accepted the hug. Helena had dark wavy hair the came past her shoulders and a smile that was contagious. Pulling away she gave Blake another bright smile, "I'm Helena, it's so nice to finally meet you rather than just talking to you through a phone!" She laughed referring to when she had asked Blake to tailor the suits.

"Oh my gosh yeah! Hi," Blake said quickly realising who was in front of her.

Blake use to have a lot of friends but once things had changed, it became very clear which of those friends chose the other side. She left the life she use to have behind. Helena however didn't have many close female friends, she had a few here and there but a lot of her friends were back home, but she had her boys and that's all that really mattered to her.

Ashton appeared in the door way down the corridor with something attached to his leg, that something being Noah who was hiding away from whoever was entering the home. Realising it was Blake he loosened his grip around Ashton's leg but still held onto it.

"Blake!" Ashton's smile was the widest smile she had ever seen, it was like he was constantly happy or excited, his positive energy radiating through the room no matter where you were.

Without giving her a chance to reply he suffocated her in a hug, Noah letting go of him and stepping away. Awkwardly chuckling she wrapped her arms around his back quickly before letting go. She hadn't noticed that Calum had shuffled into the corridor behind Ashton, he gave her a soft smile before taking Ashton's place in front of her. Wrapping an arm around her shoulder he brought his lips to the side of her head gently before pulling back, "Hi," he said quietly.

"Hi," she smiled at him before small giggles were heard from Ashton who was stood on the bottom step of staircase next to his fiancé who grinned at Calum and Blake before taking a fistful of his shirt and dragging him calmly out of the room. Michael taking a hint followed them out.

Noah still stood with his back against the staircase railings looking at his Dad and Blake who still hadn't said anything else to each other. Smiling brightly Blake slipped her fingers gently between Calum's as they turned to walk down into the living room. Calum scooped up his son who laid his head in the crook of his neck his eyes growing heavy. Noah would peak glances at Blake who was still holding onto his Dad's hand as they walked into the warmth of the room. It would take time for him to warm up to Blake and she understood that.

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